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WP Paintbrush – WordPress Theme Creator And Front Page Editor

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WP Paintbrush is a free user friendly HTML5 powered WordPress theme that comes with it’s own powerful front-page editor. In most respects it can be considered as a Theme Framework though it does lack many features that most frameworks have such as the ability to save and upload layouts.

The editor is placed on top of your live website. If you close the box an ‘Open Editor’ button is placed at the bottom right of the page so that you can reopen it later. WP Paintbrush comes packaged with three designs: Twenty Eleven, Coraline and Enterprise. More free designs are promised in the future though.

WP Paintbrush WordPress Theme

Twenty Eleven
WP Paintbrush WordPress Theme

WP Paintbrush WordPress Theme

You can modify almost every aspect of your design through the post editor such as headings, lists, colours, fonts, sizes etc. You can also set your logo, switch the search box on and off and customise your header, footer and sidebar.

WP Paintbrush Editor

One of the great things about the editor is the ability to see changes in real time. For example, when you change the X-Coordinate of the header you will see it move from left to right. Likewise, colours are updated automatically on your live site. All you have to do afterwards is publish your changes.

WP Paintbrush Editor

In addition to the 3 included designs, WP Paintbrush also comes with a basic layout editor. It allows you to rearrange your header, footer, menu, content area and sidebars using drag and drop.

WP Paintbrush Layout Editor

It’s currently still in beta development so we should see some new features in WP Paintbrush in the future. Even though it’s not the finished article, I still believe many WordPress users will love the simplicity and user-friendliness of WP Paintbrush. It’s potential to work with existing WordPress designs will certainly give it the edge over many other options.

Those of you are looking for a user friendly framework should give it a try.

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Link: WP Paintbrush

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Comments (9)

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

It’s free to download so you could install it on a site of your own and try it out.

Comment by samir says:

Lovely work i would like to see this in action…

Comment by Ryan Hellyer says:

Thanks for pointing that out I’m having someone fix it shortly.

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

Thanks for clarifying. What I meant to say was that it’s good that it works with designs like Coraline and Twenty Eleven. If more themes are added to the list I think it will prove to be a very popular editor.

Comment by Rilwis says:

This seems a promising theme. There’re several alternatives to this approach (front-end editing or drag and drop theme), but a free theme is what the community is waiting :). Good work!

Comment by Ryan Hellyer says:

Oh, I didn’t explain correctly, I didn’t mean it will allow importing of ANY designs, just that it will allow the export of child themes which can then re-edit later on either on the current site, or any other site which has WP Paintbrush installed on it.

Anything which let you use any WordPress theme for editing would be very limiting. There is no way to do that in a particularly elegant fashion IMO.

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

Sounds great. I can’t think of any other editor or framework that lets you import other designs. I’m sure it will prove to be very popular because of that.

Comment by Ryan Hellyer says:

Thanks for reviewing our theme :)

We have lots of upgrades in the pipeline which should keep everyone happy.

We will definitely have the ability to save and upload new designs in the future. That functionality was actually implemented into one of our very early private betas but I removed it until we came up with a rock solid method of implementing it. Our new implementation will allow you to export your own child themes which you can re-edit later on.

Comment by Jeroen van Esch says:

Check the payoff: your wordpress, your syle. Should be ‘style’ i guess?

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