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Add Colourful Messages To Your Content With WP-Note

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A few days ago I showed you all 10 WordPress Plugins That Let You Leave Notes In Your Admin Area. Whilst researching plugins for the article I came across a plugin called WP-Note.

The plugin lets you easily adds colourful notes and messages to your posts and pages using short codes. There are five short codes in total: note, important, tip, warning and help. You simply need to wrap the message inside the correct short code to display the message you want. You can see a preview of all 5 below :)

WP-Note WordPress Plugin

It is possible to integrate colourful messages like this into your content using CSS however WP-Note makes this process very straight forward, so I think it should appeal to those of you who aren’t coders or who just want a quick and easy way to insert cool looking messages into your posts.

More information can be found at the link below :)


Link: WP-Note

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Comments (4)

Comment by Michael Chibuzor says:

I’ve been looking for simple ways to add notes to my blog. This is a great help. Keep it up!

Comment by George Serradinho says:

Well, this makes it easier for newbies of WP. I personally use CSS as I’m comfortable and know what to do.

I have created a few message boxes of my own and it’s not as hard as some might think.

Comment by Amy says:

Several of my themes already have shortcodes for colored notes, but I like the different icons in the examples above. Thanks for sharing this.

Comment by Affan says:

That would be much better.

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