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WPJobBoard – WordPress Job Board Plugin

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Most of the premium job board solutions for WordPress such as Job Board and Nine To Five are WordPress themes. This is perfect for those who are launching a new job website but not so great for those who want to integrate a job board into an existing website.

WP Job Board is different. The plugin lets you add a job board to your existing website however it also comes with a great looking WordPress theme, making it a good solution for most users.

The design that comes packaged with it shows off a lot of the themes features. Visitors can upload details about jobs and upload their resumes for employers to browse. The sidebar shows all job categories, a resumes menu, the latest job listings and RSS feeds for each job category.

WP Job Board Theme

The demo illustrates how detailed you can make the job upload form. Companies can add their website address and upload their logo and the type of job, job category, job title and description can all be denoted.

Posting A Job

Additional fields can be entered if you wish and the exact location of the job. Website owners can charge for job listings if they wish and discounts can be given to employers using customers.

Posting A Job

By default the plugin sets your job board URL to and your resume URL to Both of these addresses can be changed though.

In the configuration area you can enter your paypal email address for premium listings and set whether anyone can post jobs or just registered users or admin. Jobs can be moderated and you can post new jobs to Twitter automatically.

WP Job Board Configuration

The number of listings can per page can be changed in the settings area too. Another good feature is the ability to hide jobs once they have been filled. You can also increase registrations by only allowing registered members to apply for jobs.

SEO fans will be pleased to know that the title for every type of page on Job Board can be edited. You don’t have to change these if you don’t want to though at the very least you should change your job board title as it just defaults to ‘Job Board’. Resumes are a welcome addition to the script. You can change the setting so that only registered employers or employers who have upgraded to a premium account can get access to them. This reduces the risk of personal data being harvested.

Once you have configured your site you need to add some categories. This should only take you a few minutes to do.

WP Job Board Categories

The plugin comes with 5 job types as default: full time, part time, contractor, intern and seasonal/temp. You can remove these if you wish and add your own job types.

WP Job Board Job Types

All of the emails that are sent to admin, employers and registered users can be modified via the email templates page. HTML can’t be used in the templates though there are 17 template variables that can be inserted.

WP Job Board Email Templates

The form that you add jobs through your admin area is identical to the one displayed to visitors. This form, the form that users see and the resume form can all be edited via a visual editor. You can set whether each field is visible or not and whether it is required. You can also change the title and add a hint to add additional informational about a field.

WP Job Board Visual Editor

Two listing types are set by default. A free listing for 30 days and a premium listing for 30 days that costs $20. You can create new listing types and set the price with any currency that PayPal uses.

WP Job Board Listing Type

One of the best features of Job Board is the ability to import job listings from CareerBuilder, Indeed or an XML file. After entering your API keys in the configuration area, you can import jobs for your specified keyword. Jobs can only be imported into one category so you will have to do multiple imports in order to make sure jobs are allocated to the right categories (e.g. import design jobs to your design category, programming jobs to your programming category etc).

The main limitation of this feature is that it isn’t automated therefore you will have to import jobs periodically manually if you want your imported jobs to be up to date. Despite this, I still think this is one of the plugins best features.

WP Job Board Import

The job board automatically adds a Jobs Page and a Resumes page to you WordPress website. By default these pages will have the same design as your other WordPress pages. Therefore, what you need to do is create a new page template that uses a different sidebar. You can then populate the sidebar with one of the main widgets that comes with the plugin such as job categories, job feeds or the job board menu.

WP Job Board Example

Job listings will be styled using your existing theme stylesheet. This ensures that the job board blends in with the rest of your website seamlessly.

WP Job Board Example

I spent an hour or so testing WP Job Board. After importing some jobs and changing a lot of settings I am of the opinion that the plugin is one of the best job board solutions available for WordPress. The addition of a great looking theme means that the plugin can be used to launch a new dedicated job website though for me the biggest selling point is the ability to integrate it into an existing website.

Hopefully we will see the import feature improved. I’d love the ability to automate imports and see more job sites added to the import list. The ability to list the latest jobs from other job sites using the sites RSS feed would be great too (even if it’s only a widget).

One thing I would warn you all is that there is very little (if any) documentation for the plugin. You should feel comfortable integrating the plugin into your site after using it for 20 minutes but initially you feel a little overwhelmed by all the options. Support is provided so you aren’t left to your devices all together however hopefully we will see a good FAQ and installation guide added in the near future.

If you are thinking about purchasing this plugin and are unsure about whether it does something specific, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to address anything that I didn’t cover in this review.


Link: WP Job Board

* Thanks to WP Job Board for providing a test copy of their plugin for the purpose of this review.

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Comments (9)

Comment by kriser says:

Great plugin! But how can I change the title and url for every page that the plugin created?


Comment by Jarel says:

I have a crucial feature request and not sure if this plugin does this already. Ive looked around and haven’t seen anything about it.

Question is: Can I give discounts to members of my site for posting jobs? ie – Can a member of my site pay, say $30 to post a job, while any non member has to pay $50?

If this is not a feature could this be custom built into the plugin or added to an update?


Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

@[email protected] I´m not sure how it would perform. If a board was so popular that performance suffered you could always delete jobs that are irrelevant now .e.g. more than 6 months old.

Comment by Brian Krogsgard says:

@Kevin [email protected]@Brian I don’t know what just happened. Seriously, Livefyre is terrible. Anyway, Posts and custom post types can scale fine, but I’m talking about multiple taxonomy queries in the search. When you get thousands of potential results on those multi-tax queries, I’m not sure how that scales, but I believe it can be quite taxing. Either way, worth trying and very cool idea.

Comment by Brian Krogsgard says:

@Kevin [email protected]@Brian

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

pippinsplugins. Yeah it seems very good. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first because the documentation wasn’t that great however once I tried out a few things and understood how it worked etc I was impressed by what it can do. @Brian I’m not sure how well it scales with thousands of jobs. It uses custom post types so I’m sure it handles it well – the same way that WordPress handles thousands of posts or pages or any other post type.

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

@pippinsplugins Yeah it seems very good. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first because the documentation wasn’t that great however once I tried out a few things and understood how it worked etc I was impressed by what it can do. @Brian I’m not sure how well it scales with thousands of jobs. It uses custom post types so I’m sure it handles it well – the same way that WordPress handles thousands of posts or pages or any other post type.

Comment by Brian Krogsgard says:

Nice writeup, Kevin. This plugin looks interesting. Though I’m curious how well it can scale to thousands / tens of thousands of jobs with the way it queries by multiple taxonomies on the advanced search. Even without the advanced search, it looks quite nice.

Comment by pippinsplugins says:

Wow, that’s really impressive. I just went and played with their demo and am very impressed.

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