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.com VS .orgMillions of bloggers can’t be wrong. WordPress is one of the most popular websites in the World. gets 220 million page views a day. It’s site rank is 19th in the World. Comparing this to typepad which gets 23 million and blogger which gets 1.1 billion (not a misprint!) Values provided by Wolfram-Alpha.

The primary difference between and is intent. is the place to go to get a blog hosted by WordPress needing minimal technical skills and setup. It is a safe sandbox to set up your blog with approved plugins and themes. The safety is a trade-off for extendability and purpose. will not let you run your own adds. For a fee you can use’s Ad Control IF you generate 25,000 pageviews per month. takes 50% of your ad revenue. You could also run ads if you sign up for a VIP Blog. Basic VIP service is $15,000 per year.

If you don’t want to use WordPress as a commercial site then offers these benefits:

  • 3 GB storage for free. You can upgrade for a yearly fee. 5GB runs $19.95US per year for example.
  • Built in web analytics – if want to look at the usage of your site you don’t need to use Google Analytics or “hit counters” as has it built in.
  • Global Tags – you can associate tags to your posts, those tags are shared globally so someone looking for information on a tag you share could be attracted to your post.
  • 100+ themes to choose from
  • No need to exercise technical skills – the site is ready for you
  • Several premium features are available

If you aren’t casually blogging and really would like to reach the most people then is your best choice. You can download the software and set it up yourself on the hosting provider of your choice (and there are many). You could also hire someone to do the hard work of setting up the software, configuring the database and getting everything working. Further you get your own domain name and 100% control of your site. Some hosting sites will help you with setting up WordPress, possibly for a fee.

You can use any one of thousands of free or premium themes. You can develop your own theme of pay someone to do it. You might be surprised what sites are built on top of WordPress. Some big and important sites are built entirely with WordPress.

You can use any of the almost 13,000 plugins out there. You can design your own. You can use these to add widgets, control user experience and extend WordPress in many ways.

The other major benefit is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is MUCH better with because you can change your permalinks to ones more friendly to Search Engines and you can use various SEO plugins that have proven to be effective.

3 GB of space seems generous until you start to run a serious website. I have 2,500 GB and the bandwidth to service that storage. You can certainly get a lot more than 3 GB for very little money a month.

Finally, you can do whatever you want with your site with few restrictions (up to your hosting provider.) The downside is that you have to have technical skills or hire people who have them to use it. The initial setup isn’t very hard and if you can handle that the default blog can be useful and over time you can learn what you need to know.

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Comment by dk70 says:

God NO. It is WordPress,com them self that offer this service. Not me. I would mess up in a flash.

Yes price is fair but I am worried about how they promote transition from a gated environment like .com site to the wild west that is self hosting. I probably have too little faith in peoples lust to research and troubleshoot – I am saying that to be kind, too little actually means just above zero ;) For those who are willing to take the jump, ready to study new surroundings offer is very good. Hiring who ever to do the same will most likely cost a lot more. But for the less prepared what to do when help is gone and things don’t work out of the box as they used to at .com site? Such is life! but I think they should have emphasized change more than suggesting a trip to the beach while they do the hard work :) Can only go wrong when self hosting is sold as a .com site just without limitations.

Comment by Peter Mancini says:

DK that looks like a good service. I absolutely can see the reason why you’d offer it. Do you search for sites worth transitioning? Certainly that is where I’d do my marketing.

The fee you are charging seems a bit low. I imagine you could make several times that and need to for some sites that have many users, posts and media. The time alone is worth something!

Comment by dk70 says:

I wonder what you think of how WordPress/Automaticc promote the transition to a .org world Personally I find it irresponsible for many reasons :) Their offer might be ok money wise and done correctly to everyones satisfaction but difference includes much more than the impression they give. Total different environment. In other words for many people there is a very good reason they use .com or Blogger for that matter. Also goes if they fall for the positive/improved/new features of own hosting. Can continue to pay for setup and maintenance of course ;)

Comment by Peter Mancini says:

I am lucky. I didn’t know about before I started. I already had a hosting provider and my own CMS I wrote by hand. I had started blogging back in 2003 on so I was already familiar with the limitations. I hope this does help someone who is thinking about blogging seriously. Thanks for your remarks!

Comment by Dave Grimes II says:

I’m glad to see this article! I know a couple of bloggers who started their blogs without any commercial intent using, only to discover they had a good following and then feel that knot of remorse in their stomachs later.

Undoubtedly this article will be a huge help to bloggers just getting started. Thank you for sharing!

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