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Win 1 Of 5 Copies Of WP Shopified

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Earlier today I reviewed the fantastic ecommerce WordPress theme WP Shopified. It has a lot of great features such as an in built rating and review system, support for shipping to multiple destinations and a clean design that makes browsing the store a breeze.

The design retails for $39.95 however WP Shopified have kindly donated 5 copies of their theme to WP Mods readers. To win all you have to do is leave a comment to this post saying why you need WP Shopified and what they would use it for.

The best 5 replies will be chosen and announced on Monday 16 January 2012. Good luck to everyone who takes part :)


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Comments (22)

Comment by FreedaWeed says:

Damn, too late. Not good, wanted this soooo much….

Comment by Cristian Monroy says:

I received the theme and it’s great. Thank you Kevin and congrats for the great website.

Comment by Simon says:

Thanks Kevin! I guess all excuses have vanished now. I’ll dig in the WP asap.

Comment by Peter says:

Yeah !! Very very nice. Thanks for this !

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

The 5 winners are:

* Simon
* Dave
* Rikki
* Peter
* Cristian Monroy

I have forwarded your contact details onto shopified. They will contact you with your account details soon.

Thanks to everyone who entered.


Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

Just a quick note to let you know that I have contacted WP Shopified and I am awaiting a reply from them about this competition :)

Comment by Ria says:

What an impressive theme! I’d love to be able to work with this on a new client online store + website for a fabulous brick-and-mortar clothing boutique here in Raleigh, NC.

Comment by bruce says:

It is so easy to use even my wife can do it. Maybe she will be able to take care of her own shops. Most ecommerce sites are hard to use.

Comment by Cristian Monroy says:

I’m planning on selling my own product marketing line, and I like minimalist websites. WP Shopified would be the best complement for my current site.

I hope i win 1 of 5. Good luck for everybody.

Comment by Mr. Gudu says:

editable language,custom product options and i think it will be perfect desing for my new site.It will be more beatifull than magento commerce.

Comment by Lori says:

Looks like a nice clean base theme to build WordPress eCommerce sites from. That is what I would use it for.

Comment by Brett says:

Awesome theme! I’ve actually been playing around with a couple different shopping cart scripts for a site I’m going to launch but this one runs on wordpress which is great. I’m way more familiar with wordpress and modding themes. The other scripts are going to be a hassle design wise.

Comment by Anthony says:

I hate this theme. It looks so good that now I have to think of a cool project so I can win it and use it. But I don’t have such a project now, so I will donate my version of the theme to a charity nearby me in The Netherlands that tries to do lost of good for children (orphans) in Hungary.
Cool theme, very professional btw.

Comment by Keith says:

I really like this theme also and it has a lot of nice features. I could see myself really liking it and using it on a few other projects that are in the sytem. Thanks for the chance to win!

Comment by Ben says:

I actually do have a project in mind for this and if it works as well as it looks from an administrative POV then I have no doubt the theme would gain a fair bit of exposure!

Either that or I have another project I would like to use it for selling shoes to lepers.

Comment by Shiva Chettri says:

Wow, the ecommerce theme really looks pretty awesome. I have been planning to open a site which can sell MRR and PLR ebooks and products and this theme certainly fits the bill with its great features.

Comment by Dave says:

I could do with a copy as my host company tells me the eCommerce WP theme I’m using at the moment is not so good due to the embedded URL’s in it’s CSS files.

Comment by I2-Harmony says:

I think WP Shopified will fit my notebook bags shop. I like clean and simple design like wp shopified. :)

Comment by Peter says:

Clean and nice. Thats why WP Shopified will fit perfectly in one of my projects.

Comment by Simon says:

We at urgently need to switch from static HTML pages to a E-Commerce CMS. Getting this for free would definetly be a kickstart!

Comment by Rikki says:

What an awesome giveaway. I build sites for small business owners on WordPress. I would be so grateful to have a theme with shopping cart capabilities built in. It would not only save me time and money, but also my clients. We are always looking for ways to better out services and this could help do just that. Thanks!

Comment by Praveen Gowda I V says:

I am planning to open a WordPress plugin and theme store, and I would use this theme for the Themestore website If I win.

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