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Win A ManageWP Business Package Worth $1,000

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ManageWP has come a long way since I first looked at the service in the Summer of 2010. It has grown from a useful service for administrating your WordPress websites to be an incredible service for managing, monitoring and backing up your websites.

The service recently reached the milestone of managing 100,000 websites. This is without doubt in part to the hard work of its founder Vladimir Prelovac.

I was chatting to Vladimir recently on Skype and he kindly offered one ManageWP Business Package that can manage up to 25 websites. This package retails for $972 if you pay annually or $1,080 if you pay monthly.

ManageWPThe list of features that the business package provides is unbelievable:

  • One-click WordPress, Plugin and Theme Updates
  • Manage all websites from one dashboard
  • One-click automatic login to any website
  • Bulk Install & Manage (activate, deactivate, delete) Plugins and Themes
  • Bulk Add Posts/Pages and Blogroll Links
  • Simple cleaning of spam comments, removing post revisions or optimizing database on all websites
  • Built-in pageview statistics
  • Receive email notifications for available updates
  • Restrict login to your ManageWP account by IP address(es)
  • Two-factor login authentication (email code)
  • Backups for your websites (to your server, Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP or an email address)
  • Schedule daily, weekly or monthly automatic backups
  • Easily Clone or Migrate website from one domain/hosting server to another
  • Bulk User Management (change your admin password on all sites with ease, add/remove users, change roles…)
  • Add and manage Sub-users in your account (ideal for virtual assistants, writers and other staff)
  • Execute any action on your websites through our powerful Run code tool
  • Beautiful Google Analytics widget in your dashboard
  • Traffic alerts (receive an email if your daily website traffic changes by given amount)
  • Website Uptime Monitoring (different types of monitoring, 5 minute interval, with email/SMS notification)
  • Comprehensive SEO Analysis (Pagerank, Traffic, SEOMoz, Majestic SEO, Backlinks, Indexed pages, Page loading speed and much more)
  • Search Engine Ranking Tracker (monitor your keyword rankings in Google, with history and charts)
  • Web Agency Works
  • Worker plugin branding
  • Remote Maintenance mode
  • View PHP error logs
  • Two-factor login authentication (authorization via SMS)

What Can ManageWP Do For You?

At its core, ManageWP is a way to manage multiple installations of WordPress from the one location. This can be huge time saver if you run a lot of WordPress websites (including my test areas, I have around a dozen WordPress websites that I log into regularly).

As I noted earlier, it has come a long way since it was launched 2 years ago. It offers built in statistics, bulk user management, automatic backups, traffic alerts, uptime monitoring, search engine analysis and much more. In short, it has become the ultimate administration service for anyone who builds blogs or websites using the WordPress platform.

The standard package is free if you only need to manage 3 websites a month though will cost you $6.30 a month for up to 10 websites and $13.50 a month for up to 25 websites. The professional package offers additional features such as backups whilst the business package offers additional monitoring features.

How To Win A ManageWP Business License Worth $1,000

To enter this great competition and win a Business Package worth around one thousand dollars, all you have to do is leave a comment to this post and suggest a new feature for ManageWP. The person who gives the best suggestion (and the one that ManageWP will likely implement) will win the prize.

This is a great competition that I hope you all take part in. Please take your time to think of a good suggestion before posting – the better your suggestion, the better chance you have of claiming the prize. As such, I encourage you all to sign up for the free plan so that you can try the service out and get a feel for what ManageWP offers.

Good luck to everyone who takes part.


Link: ManageWP

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Comments (27)

Comment by mclearanbjxcl0 says:
Comment by zainjoyce says:

@WPMods @managewp Thanks Vladimir! Keep up the good work and innovation. You have a great product on your hands.

Comment by WPMods says:

@zainjoyce @managewp Congratulations Zain. Please direct your thanks to Vladimir – it was his idea for the giveaway :):)

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

Thanks to everyone who took part in this great competition. Vladimir chose this comment from Zain as the best suggestion:
‘I would suggest they try to implement automation to other parts of the site. I love the fact that I can schedule backups and never have to worry about them. Why not add the same functionality to plugins & themes? Having the ability to select certain plugins to update automatically would save me even more time.’

Comment by SimplexStudios says:

1. Ability to backup to multiple sources. I love dropbox but I would like to also move certain things to Amazon at the same time.
2. Ability to automate backups before and update happens. I haven;t had a problem yet but in the past (before managewp) some updates to certain plugins have broken wordpress. So if I had a snapshot right before an update I could roll back to the previous install.
Thanks for ManageWP it makes my life easier!

Comment by AriSalomon says:

[email protected] Prelovac here’s another idea. i use a great plugin to monitor the login form:  and it emails me whenever an unauthorized attempt is made. I don’t really want to get those emails UNLESS many attempts are being made. So centralizing that security feature in manageWP would be a useful feature.

Comment by AriSalomon says:

[email protected] Prelovac If you do offer a more complex billing option later then it would make sense to offer a way to merge two accounts – I am considering starting one simple account for simple sites and one ‘buisness’ account for sites that need SEO.

Comment by jonbish says:

[email protected] Prelovac Dashboard looks awesome. Any chance we can assign those notes/tasks to other users?

Comment by Vladimir Prelovac says:

This is a great idea!

Comment by Praveen Gowda I V says:

[email protected] Prelovac Thanks for the reply.
Atleast providing this feature for a few popular plugins to start with is a great idea.

Comment by Vladimir Prelovac says:

[email protected] As said above, very difficult to implement as some plugins store settings in wp_options, some have custom tables etc. Lot of manual work would be necessary so its not something for the casual user. Advanced notes/todo system is coming up with our nex interface update

Comment by Vladimir Prelovac says:

We are working on these features. in the meantime check Edit Flow plugin

Comment by Vladimir Prelovac says:

This is actually coming soon (repository kept on Dropbox)

Comment by Vladimir Prelovac says:

[email protected] Gowda I V Problem with this is that we can do not know where the plugin saves it’s settings as it’s not standardized in WordPress, so this means we cant copy it too

Comment by Vladimir Prelovac says:

[email protected] Backup ideas all good, billing a bit hard to do at this moment by certainly makes sense

Comment by Vladimir Prelovac says:

[email protected]

Comment by AriSalomon says:

So far i’ve really enjoyed using the free version of the ManageWP service.
1) incremental backups stored on managewp
2) backups stored at or via their remote storage service. I wonder if they could team up with vaultpress to offer that service within their service perhaps? Ideally i would like a less expensive option
3) multiple service levels/flexible billing: what i mean here is that I have lots of WP sites but not all of them need the “business” level of service so i’d like to have a lower level of service for some sites and a higher level of service for other sites (not all my sites care about SEO for example). for that matter, i’d like to have a per-site billing system so i don’t have to worry about  the big price leap from 50 sites to 51 sites. I add my sites one at a time (as I build them for my small business clients). This would also make ManageWP more competitive with the free offerings out there (like WP Remote and
4) automatic backups – I would love to get an email telling me that my site was updated and then allowing me to do a quick check to make sure it looks ok .even better would be screenshots before and after the update!

Comment by sriramraj says:

There is a lot about managewp fro;m top bloggers all around the world. This is because managewp has everything in it for bloggers. When talking about professional bloggers, every minute is important for them to develop their blogs and bring more enhancements to their blogs.
One important thing that managewp should provide is to automatically backup the wordpress which is very important in this hacking environment.
For developers,  this helps to have a handy backup of their themes. And auto flickr plugin will also help for photo blogs

Comment by Praveen Gowda I V says:

I would like the ability to have a list of certain plugins and their settings saved, so that those plugins and their respective settings can be implemented on any new site on a click of a button.

Comment by RamiAlloush says:

I think the idea of global theme management would be great.
If a general layer across all the sites is used to add new menus or use shortcodes across all of them (either they use the same theme or not) it’ll save a lot.

Comment by Kris says:

a cool option would be a shortcode added to all websites and then ad manager for all sites that you could prepare targeted campaign at all sites at on time

Comment by Zain says:

I would suggest they try to implement automation to other parts of the site. I love the fact that I can schedule backups and never have to worry about them. Why not add the same functionality to plugins & themes? Having the ability to select certain plugins to update automatically would save me even more time.

Comment by ZacharyChampigny says:

[email protected] think this idea is so solid. Imagine being able to press a button/s and have a site be up to your own personal par. This would make setting up new sites such a breeze. Good stuff man I don’t think I could beat this =)

Comment by Justin Velthoen says:

Oh! and the ability to upload premium plugins that aren’t in the repository, but that I would still like to add to a favorite group.
Thanks again for such a greatly needed product! 

Comment by Justin Velthoen says:

I really LOVE the program and it has made my life exponentially easier. I do have a couple items for my wish list:
1 – Plugin groups for different types of sites
2 – Easier/cleaner interface for authors that just shows list of blogs and ability to add a new page, see all pages, or a new post, see all posts

Comment by jonbish says:

It would be cool if I could save all of my favorite plugins along with their settings for easy deployment on new sites. So instead of having 3 or 4 template sites that I would clone based on my needs, I would like to be able to just select which plugins to install along with “settings templates” associated with that plugin. Not sure how this would be implemented. The user might have to specify which options are associated with that plugin in the database but still something I think would make my life a bit easier.
I also love the notification and alerts but would also like to create tasks I can assign to users. Tasks could go out along with notifications to remind users if they forgot to do something; check spam comments, upgrade plugins, check traffic, backup, check for malware, etc.
Thanks for creating such an awesome tool and I look forward to seeing how it evolves.

Comment by Coreyallen says:

It’s a brilliant service that I’m too poor as a starting freelancer to pay for but I have tested and drooled over it. Here are my suggestions:
-Backups stored on managewp servers
-An iphone app with all management features and push notifications of completed tasks and warnings.
-Act as a CDN or help integrate with another CDN to increase page speeds.

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