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Vimes by WPZoom is a theme that’s created specifically for designers, and has all of the powerful features that you’d expect from WPZoom. Even if you are professional designer, you should find plenty to love in this theme. For working on client sites, Vimes could potentially cut down the amount of time involved in coding by so much that you could come in at a much lower price than most of your competitors.

Vimes Theme Installation

To install the Vimes WordPress theme, all you need to do is become a member of WPZoom and download the theme’s .zip folder. From there, go into the Appearance > Themes > Install Themes section of your wp-admin page and click the Upload link. Place the Vimes .zip folder inside the browse box, then press Install Now. It should take this theme approximately 30 seconds to install, at which point you will be asked to Activate it.

Vimes Activate Theme

Vimes has a custom menu that allows you to get it up and running in a matter of seconds. The theme lets you create drag-and-drop links, use unlimited categories and to make other customizations that allow you to get exactly what you need for the overall navigation.

Vimes Logo Top Navigation

Featured Slider And Slogan

There is a featured slider on Vimes that takes up the top of the homepage by default. This provides you with great options for displaying engaging images in a format that is sure to keep the interest of visitors. If your current website has a hard time competing with other designer websites, you should find that this one offers you something very fresh and new that will put you back at the top of the pack.

Vimes Content Slider

If you need a way to communicate your services directly to potential customers via your site, you can also use your homepage as a sort of landing area thanks to the separate “Slogan” area that provides for a title and descriptive text excerpt.

Vimes Slogan

Portfolio Page Tempate

For your interior pages, Vimes has a portfolio template. This will be very important to design firms of course. If you’re making your own website, you can use this to show off your other work and make certain that you do so in an attractive way. If you’re designing a page for a client, you’ll be able to use this for their work, of course. The theme will automatically resize images for you, so adding content to the portfolio section is very easy and very convenient.

Vimes Recent Work Feed

Seamless Back-End Controls

The search engine optimization features on this theme are very powerful. Because of this, you can hand this over to a client with confidence and be assured that their search engine optimization efforts will not be foiled by this theme. Vimes comes with a total of five color schemes as well; so you won’t have to worry about finding a palette fit for your business image.

Vimes Control Panel Color Schemes

Custom widgets are included with the theme, as are many other features that make it easy to add content to your homepage and interior pages. It is available with a standard license or license specifically designed for developers, so that you can use it on websites that you design for profit. This theme is versatile enough and easy enough to use that, if you do use it as a professional design tool, you should be able to hand it over to your client after the site is completed and allow them to administer it on their own.

Widgetized Sidebar And Footer

As you would expect, Vimes’ sidebar and footer regions are completely widgetized. You can insert ad banners, social media feeds, recent post links and much more within these areas without ever having to manipulate any code.

Vimes Sidebar

Vimes Footer

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