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Trendis is a responsive WordPress theme from ThemeForest. This theme’s main feature is, in fact, its responsive nature. It is packed with options, making it suitable for professional designers. The theme is not specifically designed for a professional, personal or any other type of site but, overall, it’s many different design options make it suitable for all of these, with the proper modifications.

This premium WordPress theme review was revised in October 2012 with more information and screenshots.

Homepage Layout

Trendis Logo Top Navigation

When using the Trendis premium WordPress theme, the first thing you will notice is the sleek featured content slider that takes up nearly the full width of the page while offering small rectangular icons at the bottom for manual rotation of the slides.

Trendis Content Slider

There are more content regions on the homepage which provide you with an opportunity to display your personal or corporate slogan, plus another feature that gives you an option to insert a carousel for your gallery.

Trendis Slogan

Trendis Homepage Content Area B

Trendis Theme Features

Trendis Shortcodes

This theme has a theme options menu that allows you to make the most common changes to the design. There are quite a few options to choose from, certainly enough to customize the site for most clients if you are a professional developer.

The theme can be translated into any one of a number of languages utilizing a built in feature. The theme features technology that allows it to include Google maps, carousels and sliders, custom widgets and many other features seamlessly. The theme also includes several different templates that you can use to set up different types of pages. There’s a template for the homepage and for your blog, a template for your contact form and a template for both your right and left sidebars. There are also three different templates for your portfolios and your galleries.

Trendis Gallery Page

The custom widgets included with this theme include ones that are designed to display videos, Flickr photo streams and Twitter tweets. There is also a widget available to display your recent posts.

Trendis Sidebar

Usability And Controls

Trendis includes a great deal of documentation with it, so you shouldn’t have any trouble learning how to use the theme. If you’re familiar with WordPress and WordPress frameworks already, it should be quite intuitive. This theme is compatible with WordPress 3.3+ and is compatible with all modern browsers on the market.

Trendis has the kind of responsive design that makes it particularly useful for business sites that want to make certain that they display correctly on mobile devices.

Responsive Design

No matter what screen size somebody arrives with or whether they happen to tip their mobile device to a landscape or portrait orientation, this theme will accommodate them. This ensures that you can reach out to the broadest possible demographic and that everybody can enjoy your site.

Trendis Responsive Design

Trendis has a great adaptable design, enough features to keep professional developers happy as far as customization is concerned and the sort of reliable code that characterizes all of ThemeForest’s offerings. This makes it a great choice for anybody who wants to work with a responsive theme for the WordPress platform.

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