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The TechBlog WordPress theme by Magazine3 is packed with features and has a design that will be familiar to anyone who spends time reading technology sites. The theme is easy to control, having a control panel feature that allows you to take care of the most common web administration features very quickly. You can customize this theme within a few minutes and be up and running with a professional level site that looks unique but that also conforms to the conventions of web design that make sites easy to navigate and easy on the eyes.

There are several different templates included with the TechBlog theme that allow you to customize the look of specific pages within the site. For example, you can work with an archive page template, a contact page template or alter the width of your pages to accommodate different ideas you might have for design. There is also a featured area of the theme that allows you to place large and bold images right in front of the eyes of visitors who show up to read your content.

Many of the blogs that deal with technology are monetized and the TechBlog theme is designed to accommodate that. The theme is provided with an advertising options set up that makes it easy for you to add and remove monetized content from your blog and to ensure that your advertisers always get the type of placement that they want in an attractive format. There are a total of several different areas where you can place advertisements on this theme without touching any of the code. If you decide you don’t want those advertisements there, all you have to do is turn them off to get rid of them.

There are several different licenses available for the TechBlog theme. You can purchase a single license, a single license for professionals and several more advanced licenses that include features such as the original PSD files used to create the theme. All of these options come with lifetime support and updates from Magazine3, a useful feature for those who want to make sure that their theme is always up-to-date and that they always know how to maximize the benefits of the new features that are added over time. Overall, this is a very flexible and powerful theme that should suit the needs of anyone who blogs about technology or technology related issues.

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