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The StyleLife theme by Magazine3 allows WordPress 3.0 users to maximize the visual impact of their sites. Provided with plenty of spaces for images, an excellent default homepage design and intuitive navigation menus, this theme makes it easy for people to enjoy the content of your site rather than spending their time figuring out how to get around the site itself. The typography is clear and easy to read and the site manages to stuff a lot of content onto the homepage without ending up with a crowded feel that could detract from the quality of the content.

If you have a category that you want to feature on your page, StyleLife allows you to select that category and to have it featured in the largest image area of the homepage. Visitors are certain not to miss the features that you want them to see and the image display is very attractive. There is room for captions and excerpts on the images so that you can entice visitors to go take a look at the content in the featured area.

Having a blog, of course, is all about making it your own and the StyleLife theme makes it possible for you to make this WordPress 3.0 offering all your own. From the control panel interface, you can alter aspects of the theme such as the navigation menus, the logos and the featured category in a few moments without ever having to touch any of the code that drives the site. You can even arrange your navigation menus by using a simple drag-and-drop interface that eliminates the headaches that go along with trying to organize the site in an intuitive way.

The StyleLife theme is all about image content, to a large extent. To make adding images easier, the theme includes a script that automatically resizes your thumbnails so that you don’t have to upload multiple copies of the same image to accommodate placing them in different areas of the theme. This can easily eliminate hours of work from your web administration tasks and ensures that your thumbnails always display correctly and at the correct resolution so that they are easily visible to your visitors.

The StyleLife theme has a lot to offer and comes in licensing options that are appropriate for both casual users and for users who intend to make a professional, monetized blog out of the theme.

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