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CyberChimps may have a silly name, but Response Pro demonstrates just how seriously they take design. Response Pro comes with a lot of versatile features and, along with those versatile features, you have the assurance that it is designed up to professional standards. The drag-and-drop elements make this theme fully manageable by amateur web designers, so you shouldn’t have to worry about hiring a professional to get your project up and running.

The options that you can control on Response Pro are impressive. They include complete control over the typography, so you can be certain that the people who come to visit your site will have an easy time reading it and that they won’t have any difficulties that will make them look elsewhere for information. Changing the main elements of the site, including contact information, your logo, your menus and more is all done with the drag-and-drop interface. This means no hunting through menus to figure out where you control any of these elements. Just click and drag and you can bring them wherever you want.

Response Pro is designed to be suitable for professional users, as well. The CSS files and other files used for this theme are completely up to web authoring standards. This means that you don’t have to worry about them breaking down in people’s browsers and causing embarrassing display issues. In fact, this should work very well with any modern browser on the market and provide you with reliable and consistent service.

Response Pro is built on the same framework that powers the rest of the themes by this designer, so you have plenty of options as far as child themes go. Between this option and the very advanced customization options, you should be able to get a website set up and running in very little time with this theme. For professional designers, this means cutting down on the amount of time and the budget involved with constructing sites for clients, which can make you more competitive among other designers.

Response Pro is very well made. The theme is available in the CyberChimps store, along with their other offerings. This theme was designed in a way that makes it particularly suitable for those who need to be able to customize their site heavily and, on top of that, who need to make certain that the site they design will function correctly in any device. Response Pro is designed so that it will automatically accommodate different screen sizes, such as those on mobile devices and tablet computers. In every regard, Response Pro should impress most users.

Overall Response Pro is a great new theme, check it out! You can also visit CyberChimp’s full selection of themes at