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The Platform Pro WordPress theme   by PageLines has a very innovative way of allowing you to customize the design. It is also designed to be powerful enough for designers who prefer to do things at the code level, making it suitable for a wide array of users. The Platform Pro’s most significant features, however, center on the way that you arrange the various elements of your site.

Platform Pro comes very plain out of the box. The layout is designed to be easily customized without you ever having to touch any of the code. Not only this, but you’ll have a lot more to work with than an admin panel with numerous options. This theme actually allows you to drag and drop page elements.

If you want to move articles, an image gallery or any other element of the page, you can simply drag it in the design interface and drop it in the section of the page where you want it to appear. You can also adjust column widths and the other aspects of the site by dragging instead of by coding. This entire site can be customized at any level by those who have zero technical knowledge of how to change the look and feel of a site. For those who operate on the level of the code, however, the functionality and control is not diminished.

The concept behind Platform Pro was to create a theme that allows non-professional users to get a professional look. Professional users, however, were also considered in the design and all of the code is easily accessible. If you can read CSS like it was your native language, you’ll be able to use your abilities to their maximum capacity with this theme.

For those who want a WordPress theme that provides a professional result with minimal hassle, Platform Pro is very suitable. For those who want a good canvas to work from that allows them to weird all of their technical wizardry, this theme will also provide excellent results.

The drag and drop technology that PageLines includes in Platform Pro makes it an excellent choice for sites that have to get up and running fast. The minimalistic design of the theme makes it an ideal choice for those who want a site that is unique and interesting and that lends itself to extensive customization, by code or drag and drop.

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