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The Natural theme from ThemeForest is a responsive offering. This premium download is designed with mobile users in mind. The theme has a great design and though it follows many of the conventions of business sites, it offers them in a format that is designed to accommodate one of the most rapidly growing segments of Internet surfers: those who browse on mobile devices.

This premium WordPress theme review was revised in October 2012 with more information and screenshots.

Tablets and Phones

Natural Responsive Design

The way a responsive theme like Natural distinguishes itself from others is in the fact that the design is set up so that it is “liquid.” Without losing the character of the site or making it less useful, the design can expand, contract, and rearrange in ways that allow users on different types of devices to have a good experience at your page.

Beyond this you will find quite a number of features on Natural that make it a suitable choice for professional designers. This theme is very dense where customization options are concerned and controlling them is done through a convenient options panel.

Broad Range Of Options

Natural Shortcodes

Natural has over 50 shortcodes included with the package, giving you plenty of options to work with buttons, layouts and other site elements. There are also 11 widgets created specifically for this theme that add various forms of functionality. The theme allows you to place these widgets in an unlimited number of sidebars.

Natural Footer

If you want options for background colors, you’ll find 130 of them included. This should be enough to accommodate almost any client, making this a good choice for professional designers. There are also 16 different color variations that you can apply to this theme without ever touching the source code. In fact, changing any of these options doesn’t require you to touch any source code at all.

Natural is filled with sample content, so replacing it with your own and keeping track of where the various elements are located on the page is very easy.

Professional Features

Natural Content Slider

This theme is compatible with all major browsers and conforms to the standards of the W3C. This means that it is also excellent for search engine optimization purposes. The code was written with this in mind.

Social icons are also included for no less than 20 different social networking services, so you’ll have plenty of ways that you can offer your visitors a chance to share your content if they like what they see.

Natural Recent Work

Portfolio And Gallery Pages

Portfolios and galleries are filterable and there are seven different layouts that you can choose from with this theme. There are various options included for the exact type of gallery you want, as well.

Natural Gallery Page

There is a contact form included in the form of a widget, making it easy for you to encourage visitors to get in touch. You’ll also find a built in “Like” button, allowing visitors to share your site in the easiest way of all.

There’s enough documentation included with Natural that nobody should have trouble figuring out the most advanced features it has to offer. This theme has so many options, however, that it will likely appeal to professional designers more than amateurs. Amateurs may simply find the vast array of options overwhelming but professionals will see a great deal of potential for many different sites in this particular WordPress theme.

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