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The I Blog theme is clearly designed for people who do just that. This theme puts the content first and foremost and makes it very easy for people to make their way around your site. The theme design adheres to classic principles. The header is right on top, putting your logo to the left side of the page where it is most visible to visitors. The theme also allows you to arrange the content using widgets, which greatly expands the flexibility of the theme and, of course, vastly simplifies the task of administering your website.

I Blog is designed on the Thesis Theme framework, which makes it easy to include some of the most advanced features in your site. For example, if you want to add social networking buttons to your site, you don’t have to do any programming or alter any code to do it. This can be done from a backend admin panel and the entire task is reduced to a click. This is the case with most of the themes produced by Thesis Awesome. It’s also what makes their themes flexible in that they’re powerful enough for the most demanding of professional users, but simple enough for those who simply want a good blog that looks professional and who have no commercial interests.

The I Blog theme would be an ideal choice for those who want to keep the look of their blog more traditional. The typography is excellent and everything you put on your site will be easy for visitors to read. Changing colors, layouts or the widgets used on the theme is, as is the case with most of Thesis Awesome’s offerings, very easy. The code that drives this theme is validated and rock solid. You don’t have to worry about anybody not being able to see some of the more advanced features on your site, provided that they visit with any of the modern browsers currently in use.

If you’re looking for something simple, effective and classy, you may want to give I Blog a try. It’s only one of the many skins available for the Thesis Theme framework, so you have plenty of other options to try, as well. The ease-of-use features will likely make changing around the design and the layout of your site into a joy rather than the hassle that it usually entails.

For more information, or to see their complete collection of theme templates, please visit thesisawesome.com.