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Display is a complex and powerful theme   designed for business sites and portfolio sites. The theme has several very advanced features, but also includes a series of backend admin panels that allow most of the options for these and other features to be changed without touching any code. The theme has a bold design and comes with options that can change the look significantly with nothing more than the click of a few buttons.

This premium WordPress theme review was revised on May 1st, 2013. It includes screenshots along with new information based on its compatibility and usefulness.

Featured Content Slider

Display Content Slider

The Display theme opens up with a very eye-catching image slider. This slider can be changed to a different type, if you prefer. The slider is controlled from the back-end. There is a flash version of the slider and a version that’s compatible with browsers that don’t support the Flash technology that the main slider is based on. There are several different page templates with this theme that make it easy to get your site setup and running with a lot of variety within int.

Display Blog Feed

The Display theme comes with templates for a blog overview page, a contact page, a portfolio page and various index pages with sliders. There are also pages for special uses, such as the archives pages and the error pages that come with the site.

Control Panel

Among the back-end features on this theme that make it easy to control is a slideshow manager that lets you setup your portfolio pages and index page in no time. There’s also a page that allows you to manage the site’s menus. This theme is fully compatible with widgets and there are separate sections in the admin area for the widget sections on each page.

If you want to redesign this theme extensively, you can do so using the PSD files. The theme includes all of them and this allows you complete and total control over the look and feel of the page.

Social Networking

The theme also includes a host of scripts and other features. There are bookmarking icons for all the major social networking sites. There are also enhancements such as the Lightbox plug-in that allow you to get the bets portfolio presentation possible. All of these features make this theme ideal for business sites and for sites where you need to show off your pictures or images in a way that will make people interested in your services. Overall, this theme offers a lot in a very advanced package.

Display Portfolio

Those who are using the Display theme for business purposes will be happy to know that you can include your own set of blubs directly on the homepage in order to inform readers about the services your firm provides. This can be easily done through the Control Panel and requires no code work in order to function.

Here is a look at the blurbs section within the homepage.

Display Blurbs

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