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Thesis Awesome offer several different themes for its Thesis Theme framework. The framework allows a great deal of control over the theme, but each of the themes come with a very professional design that should suit the needs of the vast majority of users. The Color theme has a traditional design, but has a nice splash of color up in the header area that makes it a bit more fun than the usual blog. It also does a great job of making all of your content readable and, perhaps more importantly, of making it accessible to search engines.

Color has numerous ease-of-use features. Most of the options for this theme are controlled from a backend admin panel. If you’ve ever wanted to have a professional theme that didn’t require you to be a professional designer to use it, this would be a good choice. The theme is very flexible and you can alter it quite a bit from the backend panel without directly working on any of the code. That last bit is important, as there has been a great deal of thought put into the code that drives the Thesis Theme framework.

Just a few of the features that you’ll find on Color, due to the Thesis Theme framework are very easy layout options, search engine optimization and the ability to include important features such as social networking buttons without any complications beyond selecting an option. The search engine optimization features ensure that the crawlers index your content correctly. This all works together in the Thesis Theme framework so effectively because the code doesn’t have to be altered to make the most common changes, or even the most advanced ones, for that matter. This ensures that your code is clean and that it’s compliant with all modern browsers, no matter how many of the options you change.

This theme would make an excellent choice for bloggers who want something more traditional and easily readable. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that this theme is not powerful, however. Color has the ability to include what Thesis Awesome refers to as “geeky features”, which include things such as image galleries, multimedia enhancements and so forth. You can also include forms and other interactive content very easily using the framework. Overall, this theme would make an excellent choice for a very serious blogger who wants to project a good image.

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