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BonPress by WPZoom is designed for webmasters who may not want to keep things as simple as possible. To that end, WPZoom created BonPress with a host of great features that should make it interesting to a large amount of personal bloggers. The theme is powerful, easy to manage and comes with the kinds of features that you’d normally only expect to see in the most expensive professional themes. Where this theme sticks out in the way it boasts a left navigation bar instead of the traditional top heavy navigation controls.

Unique Navigational Layout

From the very first time you open up the BonPress Demo, you’re likely to notice its most striking feature: the Left Navigation Bar. Instead of placing emphasis at the very top, BonPress opts for side navigational controls that still use the page based Content Management System for easy content access. Drop down menus are also in place for subcategories, so your important content and pages will still be able to be viewed with one click of a mouse or mobile device button.

BonPress Logo Navigation

The Homepage Slogan area takes the place of the traditional navigational bar, and does an adequate job of giving your blog’s readers an idea of what your site’s main topics of interest are. This section is ideal for introducing new readers to your content and getting them ready to browse through your main posts.

BonPress Slogan

Control Panel Options

If you need to customize your menus, you’ll be able to do so from the theme options menu. This means that you don’t have to worry about making changes directly to the code. For some personal bloggers, the fact that most themes do require you to make changes to the code manually has long been something that has kept them from getting the most out of their WordPress platform. With BonPress, there is absolutely no need for you to make changes in this way. There are enough options available in the theme options menu that you should never have to crack open any of the code files.

BonPress Footer

There are four color styles that you can apply from that theme options menu, as well, making it possible to personalize the theme quite easily. You can add widgets, change your search engine optimization options, change your menus, re-size images and do a multitude of other tasks from the theme options menu. Even though this may make it sound like BonPress is an amateur theme, these are the same powerful features that are included on the professional themes from WPZoom. In fact, BonPress is as professional as any other theme on the market. The difference is that it is designed for personal sites rather than business sites.

Homepage Post Excerpts

The homepage post excerpts are lined up in a grid format, with each containing an icon to display which type of media is being used, the post’s title, a large image (with caption), publication date, number of comments and Read More button.

BonPress Image Post

BonPress Video Post

Full Shortcodes Collection

Shortcodes can make inserting extra graphics into your content a breeze and is an absolute must for many beginning webmasters who are intimidated by the thought of manipulating actual code.

BonPress Shortcodes

If you need to launch a blog and you want to make certain that it has a look that is professional and easy to use, you should find BonPress entirely suitable. The theme is powerful, easy to manage and very well designed. Most bloggers should find that it has plenty to offer and that will keep them busy for many years.

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