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Win 5 Theme Memberships From Theme Furnace

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Oli Dales new WordPress theme store Theme Furnace launched earlier today. I briefly looked at the launch designs this morning.

4 themes are available at launch. All of them have support for portfolios though focus on different things. Busine is a business design for example and Perosan is a beautiful personal blogging theme. Each theme retails for $49 however there is a developer club membership available for $99 per year that gives you access to all designs.

Don’t reach for your wallet just yet though as Oli has donated 5 developer club memberships to WordPress Mods readers. That’s just under $500 worth of prizes!

Perosan WordPress Theme

The competition is being hosted via RaffleCopter. You can enter in a number of ways such as liking the Theme Furnace Facebook page or retweeting the competition.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The competition will run until Tuesday 8 May 2012. Good luck to everyone who enters and many thanks to Oli for donating these fantastic prizes.


Link: Theme Furnace

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Comments (6)

Comment by ayman3011 says:

Awesome work from Oli :) Thanx for the giveaway

Comment by mbjones says:

Looks quite nice!

Comment by Krzysiek Hoja says:

Looks nice, themes are clean and simple, so anybody can use them for any purpose!

Comment by Chandra says:

Very great selection of themes.

Comment by Praveen Gowda I V says:

The themes look great and nice to see you using the rafflecopter widget for conducting the giveaway (the first time I saw it being used on wpmods).

Comment by craigcpaterson says:

Looking good so far. Nice clean themes. Can’t wait to see how the theme selection develops.

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