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Shuttershot – A Beautiful Free Photography WordPress Theme

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Last month Web2Feel released one of the nicest free WordPress themes I have seen in a long time. Shuttershot is a fantastic looking slideshow template that is perfect for portfolio and photography websites.

The home page is setup so that full screen images automatically rotate after a few seconds. It has a very minimalistic design with only the main navigation menu and a small credit area in the footer getting in the way of the full image.

ShutterShot WordPress Theme

As you would expect from any WordPress design, ShutterShot includes a blog template and page template to display content too. The great thing about ShutterShot is that the footer and navigation menu never move. When a user scrolls down the page the navigation menu and footer remain fixed and the slideshow continues in the background. It’s a little different to how most other photography designs do it but it works very well.

ShutterShot WordPress Theme Blog

Custom Post Types are used to publish the image slideshows that lets you customise your home page, add your social media profiles and manage your 125×125 banner advertisements.

I am impressed that Web2Feel decided to release a high quality theme such as ShutterShot for free to the WordPress community, as it would certainly sell well in theme stores and marketplaces. Not that I’m complaining!

If you are looking for a great photography design I strongly encourage you to check ShutterShot out. You won’t be disappointed :)


Shuttershot WordPress Theme: Info | Demo

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Comments (10)

Comment by Lukas says:

Sumesh, for the gallery you do not need a separate plugin, it is built in in WordPress:

Comment by Gustavo Ramirez says:

Hi there!!
I need twitter setting support for Shuttershot theme.
How Can I configure Twitter message to display it?

Comment by robin says:

Nice site Lukas. How did you edit the theme to get rid of all the extra junk and just have a nice box without stuff like: leave a reply, recent comments, archive, categories, meta, sponsors?

I just want a nice clean box like you have….

thanks for any help

Comment by sumesh says:

Lukas.. how did add image gallery in modified theme?Awesome. Is it in built with the theme.?

Comment by Lukas says:

Very nice theme, which I have modified and which I am using on

Comment by TrancosoMania says:

How i can get off the ยป from the menu?

Comment by Jinson Abraham says:

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the review and kind words. I am glad you liked it.


Comment by tas kamera slr says:

Very nice theme. I will try to use it for my web. Thanks

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

That’s a fair point. I guess the developer wanted to do something different and present the portfolio in the background instead.

Comment by Rikard says:

Looks nice. I’ll try out this theme. Reminds me of the “king size” theme on themeforest. My biggest concern would be loading time. Also, I’m surprised that for a photography theme, there is no preview of the portfolio page template.

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