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Scylla Lite – A Free Feature Rich Magazine WordPress Theme

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Scylla Lite is a free WordPress theme by Towfiqul Islam. The theme features multiple themes and is highly customizable, as we shall soon see. Also, the theme also has a pro version with added features (but that’s a different story altogether).


Scylla Lite is made with websites having a magazine layout in mind. It has a very detailed layout, with numerous customizable features, such as colors, look and feel, layout, slider, etc.

Preview of Scylla Lite
Preview of Scylla Lite

Major Features:

Scylla Lite has 4 skins, 2 layouts and 2 patterns. In addition, it spots a custom slider on the main page, and has 3 widget areas. It also boasts of 2 menu areas (both supporting multi-level drop down), 5 short codes, specially crafted social buttons and 3 unique fonts. Still not satisfied? Well, Scylla Lite also has three custom page templates, a unique Lightbox and an IE6 browser upgrade alert. Sadly, the footer doesn’t have any widget areas.

However, the major attraction of theme is its highly detailed Theme Options Page. Very few free themes have such neatly laid out multiple tabbed Theme Options Page. The Theme Options page has as many as seven tabs, wherein the first one lets you modify the general appearance and footer content of your blog, the second tab deals with the front page, the third tab lets you modify the slider, while the fourth tab groups together all other miscellaneous settings. The fifth, sixth and seventh tabs show the Documentation, About and Upgrade sections respectively.

Scylla Lite Theme Options Page
Scylla Lite Theme Options Page

As you must’ve guessed, tweaking Scylla Lite to the heart’s content is a breeze, and that’s precisely what makes this theme stand apart from the rest!


Scylla Lite is a wonderful theme if you are seeking a magazine blog theme with highly customizable options in terms of look and feel. If you prefer minimal and fairly’ toned-down’ designs, Scylla Lite may probably not appeal to you much. Else, there seems to be no reason why you won’t fall in love with it!

Lastly, if you like what you see in this ‘Lite’ version, the theme author also has a Scylla Pro theme for you, that has unlimited number of skins and numerous other features such as custom logo and Google Analytics integration.

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Comment by Business Blogs says:

With the state of the world economy its vital for small business to get as much education as possible. I doubt we will be out of this recession this year.

Comment by Business Blogs says:

Most small businesses these days need to keep educating themselves about the latest trends etc… though I don’t agree that social media is for every business.

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