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Samaraka – A Dark Free Blogging Theme For WordPress

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Samaraka is a dark free blogging design that was released a few months ago by Dynamic WP.

It has a traditional blog layout with the sidebar at the right hand side of the page however the home page displays a featured image slider. The theme also has built in pagination, cufon font support and trackbacks are separated from comments.

The theme has a black and orange colour scheme and features a great looking horizontal navigation menu. The sidebar is widget ready so you can easily populate it with any content you want.

Unfortunately, the featured slider isn’t very good. You need to set 3 images for the slider; you can’t increase or decrease this amount. The image doesn’t link to any posts or pages. Strangely, the latest 3 articles are shown to the right of the slider images, even when they are completed unrelated to the images shown.

Clearly the slider was developed as an image slider and not a featured post slider. This is kind of pointless in my opinion though the slider can easily be removed by editing the index.php template.

With the slider removed the design is greatly enhanced. Samaraka has a great clean design and with featured images built in, it makes it a good option for WordPress users who are looking for a good free blogging design.


Samaraka WordPress Theme: Info & Download | Demo

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Comments (4)

Comment by Droxxy says:

Thanx man! Should give it a try

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

I installed the theme in my test area.

The featured area is actually placed in the header.php template inside an if statement.

It beings with

I removed that whole section and it removed the featured area with no problems. Hope this helps :)

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

I’ll download the template and see if I can see where the code is :)

Comment by Droxxy says:

Can anyone explain how i get rid of the content slider? Cant find anything in the index.php? is there a way to put in a content slider thats works like it should?

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