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Redline WordPress Theme

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Built upon the WP Framework, Redline is a WordPress theme which was coded using HTML 5 and CSS level 3. The theme could be used for a blog, magazine or news website.

It features a drop down navigation menu, featured article on the home page and a 2 column sidebar.

Redline WordPress Theme

The theme was recently upgraded to support the custom header image option however some features from WordPress 3.0 remain absent (which is quite common with WordPress themes at the moment).

More information can be found at the links below :)


Download & Info | Demo

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Comments (4)

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

What’s the url of your site?

Comment by Andrew says:

hey, having trouble editing the categories section through the editor. I have one category celled “early stage” but it doesn’t show up. The page displays “no categories.” I have made sure that the posts are listed as in “early stage” but it still is not showing up. Any advice?

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

Hi Karen,

If the RSS can’t be changed in the settings area then you probably have to open the header.php template and edit it manually there.

Let me know if it’s not and I’ll check it out myself in my test area :)


Comment by Karen Goodman says:

I really love this Redline theme. It’s perfect for the colors of my company (Keller Williams Realty). I just set it up on a multi-site installation, and everything works great except for the RSS buttons at the top/right. Any idea why it isn’t working?

I’m not very technical, but I managed to set up my analytics on and on Google analytics…so the feeds are there. But there doesn’t seem to be a page in the settings for feeds.

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