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Showcase Your Best Content With The Premium Featured Posts Slider WordPress Plugin

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When you spend a long time researching and writing an article, you want to try and make sure that it gets as much exposure as possible. I was looking for a way of promoting our featured articles to readers in a way that promotes our best content but is still consistent with the WP Mods design so that we don’t annoy readers.

One of the best ways of doing this is through a featured post slider. Featured post sliders come in many shapes and sizes so if you are looking to add a featured post slider to your site it’s important to find one that integrates with your existing design. Manually coding the slider is an option though I was personally looking for something that could be installed quickly, switched off an on when needed and was simple to use.

The first place I checked was CodeCanyon. It’s shaping up to be just as successful as ThemeForest as a premium WordPress marketplace (the last two plugins I purchased there, UberMenu and FooBar, proved to be bargains).

The majority of premium slider plugins available display large site wide images. This wasn’t suitable for me. The default thumbnail on WP Mods is currently set to 200×200 pixels. Sure, I could change this for future posts however the current design isn’t optimised for such a thing, not do I want to spend time editing large images for previews unless the format of WP Mods completely changes (e.g. longer articles, less posts).

Thankfully, I found the perfect plugin for my needs. Premium Featured Posts Slider is a fantastic plugin that supports large feature images, medium images and thumbnails too. The plugin automatically detects your existing settings allows you to override them.

The width of your slider, the thumbnail size and the number of slides can all be changed. You can choose to display your latest posts, pages and even your latest forum posts if you have bbPress installed. My own preference is to manually select posts by selecting them as featured.

Premium Featured Posts Slider

There are 6 layouts by default. 2 variations exist for large images, medium images and thumbnails respectively with the image going on the left or right. You can also copy the code for each layout and modify it to suit your needs. 18 variables are available for you to change the way the slider is displayed; making the plugin very versatile.

You can change the speed of the slides, set the way slides transition (slide or fade) and whether the slide stops when a user hovers over it.

Premium Featured Posts Slider

You can set a post as featured in the main posts index page or in the post editor page directly. The default layout and thumbnail can be overridden for each post. One small feature I love about the plugin is the ability to mark scheduled posts as featured. This allows you to add future articles your featured list as soon as they are published.

Premium Featured Posts Slider

You can see the slider in action on WP Mods. The slideshow displays articles I have set as featured from newest to oldest. I inserted the slider directly into my index.php template by calling the plugin function. An even easier way is to simply insert the short code [ fps ].

Premium Featured Posts Slider

There are fancier slideshow plugins available for WordPress though I like that it integrates with your current design so well. There are a few things that I wish were improved:

  • Featured articles can be displayed from newest to oldest or randomly. It would be great if you could select the order featured articles are displayed so that you could prioritise your most important articles in the first few slides.
  • By default the 6 layouts use the content variable to display a preview of the articles content. This means that all the content before the more tag is entered (A content-full variable is also available). Unfortunately, WP Mods uses the excerpt variable to show previews of posts. As no more tag is inserted in posts, the plugin automatically displayed the whole post in the preview. Thankfully, you can simply manually override the {content} variable with {excerpt}. It’s not a major criticism though it would be better if the plugin recognised long posts without the more tag and assume that excerpt should be used instead.

All in all I have been very impressed with the plugin. It retails for only $20 from CodeCanyon, which is cheap when you consider the exposure it can give your featured articles.

If there is anything you would like to know about the plugin please let me know and I’ll do my best to address them.


Link: Premium Featured Posts Slider

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Comments (4)

Comment by Ben Stormer says:

Ok. Thanks. Posted.

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

[email protected] Stormer Hi Ben,
It’s in the part where it says custom layout code. If you are unsure, post the code in the forums and I’ll walk you through it :)

Comment by Ben Stormer says:

Where exactly do I replace the content with excerpt in the php? 

Comment by Serafina says:

Thanks for this review Kevin. I’ve been looking around for a good slider for my blogs– you know, easy to use–and couldn’t find good reviews until I got here. Will give it some study before I download the plugin since I like to keep only a limited number of plugins on my wp blogs. Don’t know why but the more plugins the slower the load.

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