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Popular Posts Bar Widget

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Popular Posts Bar Widget is a premium WordPress plugin from CodeCanyon which displays the most commentated posts in your sidebar, footer or any other widget area.

The plugin can be set to display posts from a set number of days. As you can see from the preview below, the widget is very colourful and will push a lot of your readers to your most popular articles.

Popular Posts Bar Widget

The Popular Posts Bar Widget retails for $9. It isn’t the most advanced plugin out there but if you like the way it displays posts you might want to check it out.


Link: Popular Posts Bar Widget

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Comments (20)

Comment by Kedar Lasane says:

Excellent Plugin…
Most advanced plugin I ever seen…
Thanks WPHub

Comment by Aniket says:

nice post and site

Comment by Prashant says:

nice post sir it is very helpful for me

Comment by Harshit says:

This plugin looks very helpful and I will add it to my own blog and I will also recommend it to other bloggers.

Comment by Michael Scott says:

from CodeCanyon HERE

Comment by jhon says:

where can i get one this plugin ?

Comment by Mike says:

thanks for sharing this….for quite a long time, i was searching for a plugin like this…..!!

Comment by Jokezone says:
Comment by Jokezone says:

Nice post!!

Comment by Vikas Sindher says:

I am using Codecanyons Facebook like box.I will give this plugin a try.

Comment by Vikrant says:
Comment by Vikrant says:

Its good but not for every website

Comment by amir says:

Hello sir,nice description herebe, i wanna know that is there any option to grab this plug at no costs?? please answer my query

Comment by says:

where can i get one this plugin ?

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

The plugin is available from CodeCanyon

Comment by Anjali Kapur says:

nice plugin.. thanks for that

Comment by woot woot says:

luls hye affan,hye sharil..haha

nice review kevin ! looking for this

Comment by syahrilhafiz says:

yeah its right, i have to search this too..
thanks kevin ;D

Comment by Jebat Malaya says:

Hahaha… Yes, both of us have seen that…

Comment by Affan says:

This is awesome.
I never knew that this plugin is premium.
Btw, I’ve seen one website already use this plugin.

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