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Are you an excellent writer who lacks the necessary SEO experience to optimize your WordPress blog content? If you have a difficult time finding your blog in Google search results, this is probably true. If this scenario sounds familiar, the Scribe plug-in for WordPress might be perfect for you. If you have priced SEO services lately you might want to download and install the Scribe plug-in instead of paying the high fees of an SEO expert. SEO is very important to building the website traffic you need to make your WordPress site or blog a true success. Without SEO you will not get ranked in Google and without being ranked in Google, you will not have many visitors. It’s pretty simple, but SEO is not simple. Using the Scribe Plug-in makes it as easy as possible to optimize your WordPress site or blog for search engines and keywords which is what you want to do to promote your blog. This review is a non-biased account of one persons opinions after testing the Scribe plug-in.

Who Should Use Scribe

Scribe is designed for optimizing written content for search engines. Scribe is probably best tailored for sites that have such content as articles, tutorials, reviews of any type, product descriptions, press releases, sales copy, and any other text based content. It is perfect for any site that has a need for keyword optimized content that needs SEO help. If you have a site that you add a lot of written content to, but do not have the time to spend doing SEO, then Scribe can do all your SEO and keyword optimization for you! Affiliate marketers also report great success from using Scribe.


One great thing about Scribe is that, unlike most premium grade WordPress plug-ins these days, they offer a free trial period so you can really see if it is worth the price before you purchase it! Scribe has a six tier pricing strategy. More price options means you pay for what you need, so Scribe gets my thumbs up when it comes to pricing flexibility, but remember, this is a monthly reoccurring charge, so it‘s not actually as inexpensive at it seems. We can’t give it a thumbs up on overall price because it can get expensive over time.

Here are the six pricing options for getting started with Scribe:
Free Trial – Scribe has a one month free trial so you can see if you want to buy it instead of having to make the purchase blindly as many other plug-ins expect you to do. The free trial is not as straight forward as I would like it to be because it requires that you pay for it upfront and cancel before thirty days to get your money returned. In reality, it’s more of a money back guarantee than a free trial.
Starter – $17.00/month for 15 evaluations, 35 keyword searches and full support on unlimited sites.
Publisher – $27.00/month for 30 evaluations, 70 keyword searches and full support on unlimited sites.
Professional – $47.00/month for 120 evaluations, 280 keyword searches and full support on unlimited sites.
Advanced – $97.00/month for 300 evaluations, 700 keyword searches and full support on unlimited sites.
Enterprise – Enterprise plans are custom plans available for larger scale users. To find out more about an Enterprise plan structured for your company, call the Sales Department at 888-704-2244.

Money Back Guarantee

As you can see above, there are several options when it comes to pricing so be sure to choose the proper pricing option for your individual case. Scribe also offers a money back guarantee as do many plug-ins. Theirs does seem a little easier to collect than most however. They claim to offer a one click cancellation button with a simple form for getting your money back if you cancel within the first thirty days. All you have to do is make the request and they claim they will reimburse anyone who does so regardless of the reason if its done before your thirty days are up.

How Scribe Works

Scribe improves the SEO of your site by concentrating on three very important areas of search engine optimization. They are:

Keyword Optimization – Scribe will suggest keyword strategies even before you begin to write. Perhaps more importantly, Scribe will consider your already written content and suggest changes to keywords to make it more search engine friendly and more profitable.
Content Tweaking – Scribe will suggest subtle content changes without altering the natural flow of your writing. The content changes are based on 15 SEO metrics that Scribe checks and attempts to optimize.
Link Building – Link building has always been a huge factor in SEO practices. What many people have a hard time keeping up on is the latest link building strategies that current search engines use. Scribe will handle this work for you, elevating you of the responsibility to keep up to date on current link building best practices. Scribe will help you build back-links and cross link material within your own site as well.

How Does Scribe Measure up to Other SEO Tools

Scribe is unique in the way it handles SEO. While it is not perfect for all situations, if you read the above section entitled “Who Should Use Scribe” and you are still here, then chances are, it is a great option for you. Scribe differs from other SEO tools because it actually tells you what search engines see when they read your site. This allows you to tweak your content as needed until search engines see it as you want them to. This gives you a huge SEO advantage if you use it properly.

Understanding the Scribe API

Another unique feature of Scribe is that it uses an API. Scribe’s API is used to link your WordPress Scribe plug-in with the Scribe content optimization algorithm on Scribe’s web servers. The Scribe API is what allows a relatively lightweight plug-in to offer robust features that can only be made possible with Scribe’s unique method of boosting performance levels with their custom made API which performs the bulk of the search engine optimization services.


While scribe is perfect for those concerned with SEO who have a website with a lot of written content, it may not be perfect for everyone. For example you may not have much use for Scribe if you are an SEO expert who does your own search engine optimization work successfully. However, if you are one of those people that attempt to do your own SEO work, but can’t quite get it right or don’t have time to keep up with the ever-changing SEO best practices, then Scribe is probably the way to go for improving your WordPress site’s SEO performance. Even if you are a SEO expert, you may still want to use Scribe just to save time because it streamlines the SEO process.