RoyalSlider Plugin Review - WPHub

RoyalSlider is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily add content sliders to your website. RoyalSlider content slides are fast and mobile-friendly. Meaning they not only work on Mac’s and PC’s but on iPads, iPhones, Android devices and more.

In the sections below I’ll show you how to install the RoyalSlider plugin, configure it’s settings, create new content sliders, and display them on your site.

Installing the Royal Slider Plugin

After making your purchase and downloading the plugin’s zipped file, navigate to your WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload and install it there.


Upon activation you will notice a new section has been added to your Admin sidebar called RoyalSlider. Click on it to get started.


Royal Slider Settings

Before creating a new slider (which is the default page you land on after clicking on the new sidebar menu) go to Settings and configure those first.


As you can see in the image above there are only three settings to configure. The first determines which posts and pages you choose to preload the plugin’s CSS and JavaScript files, the second determines plugin permissions, and the third allows you to set the frequency of caching.

When you’ve finished customizing the settings to suite your needs click “Save Changes” and click on “Edit Sliders” under the RoyalSlider sidebar menu to begin creating and managing content sliders.

Creating New Sliders with Royal Slider

At first this page will look like the image below. Click “Add New” to begin creating your first slider.


Immediately you will be asked to select a slider type from the below pop-up menu. I chose custom slider.


After you name your content slider you have two options for adding content. You can click on the “Create New Slide” button – in which case you will see the pop-up below and can fill in accordingly – or you can choose to simply “Add Images” and quickly create multiple image slides.



After you have successfully created a few new slides and/or added images for slides, there is an extensive options panel to the right where you can completely customize your new content slider. Each section is easy to use and comes with it’s own detailed help instructions.


When you are finished customizing your new slider simply click “Preview slider” to make sure it functions properly and then “Create Slider” when ready.

Displaying Sliders with Royal Slider

Displaying your work is easy. There are a few ways in which to embed your new content slider in your site: via shortcode, using PHP, or using the RoyalSlider widget.


The widget and shortcode options are undoubtedly the quickest and easiest, but if you need to get into the PHP there are some easy to follow instructions provided by the RoyalSlider support desk. I used the shortcode below in a sample post and when published it looked like this.


Summary & Review

This plugin is easy to install and configure. Within minutes I was able to publish a basic slider that looked great no matter what devices (my computer or phone) I chose to view it on. Additionally the powerful slider options provided meant that if I wanted to add custom skins, adjust image display sizes, add video, optimize my slide links for SEO, and so much more I would be able to in a way that was plainly explained and organized. I highly recommend this plugin.