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How To Create A Pinterest Website With WordPress

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Given the success of Pinterest and it’s recent jump into the position of the 3rd most popular social media site on the web after Facebook and Twitter, it’s no surprise that someone has designed a clone theme for WordPress.

The good news for those of you who would like to start a Pinterest like website of your own, the clone design is really really good. The aptly named Pinterest Theme from Apptha looks almost identical to Pinterest.

All posts are laid out on the home page just like Pinterest. Post categories are displayed along the top of the page on a drop navigation menu.

Pinterest WordPress Theme

Those of you who use Pinterest will be aware that when scrolling down the page a small category menu at the top of the page remains fixed in the design. The Pinterest WordPress theme mimics this though the fixed area is a little larger as it also contains a search bar, logo and page links. The post page is very similar to any other WordPress post page with a social media share bar on the left hand side and a sidebar on the right hand side.

Pinterest WordPress Theme

Apptha claim that the Pinterest Theme is optimised for search engines however a quick view of the source tells a completely different story. I found over 30 H1 tags on the home page and 2 on a post page. There weren’t any H2 tags on any pages I checked. Anyone who knows anything about SEO knows that there should be only one H1 tag used on a page so the design has certainly not been optimised for SEO (quite the opposite). It wouldn’t be difficult to fix this though it’s something to bear in mind before buying the theme.

Despite these SEO issues, I can’t help admire how well the theme mimics Pinterest. If you are thinking of capitalising on the success of Pinterest and launch a similar site of your own (perhaps focused on one particular niche), Pinterest Theme is your best option. A license for the theme will set you back $59.

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Link: Pinterest WordPress Theme

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Comments (12)

Comment by JohnBallard11 says:

Still looking for a Pinterest clone? The best one is here 

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

[email protected] carlos That was the theme I reviewed.

Comment by augustin carlos says:

Ya i agree with your info…Day by Day pinterest theme site has been rapidly growing on top of social media sites…I have seen some of best cleavage images in apptha site…I came across to this site…
you can see here

Comment by DailyBlogShout says:

This theme will work something like pinterest like joining method and other functions?

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

[email protected] [email protected] it does seem that whilst it’s ok under HTML5 rules, no one knows the implications that of how using 30+ H1 tags on a page affects search engine results. I believe Google still places importance on the H1 tag so I don’t believe having that many is beneficial.

Comment by Rev. Voodoo says:

@Kevin Muldoon Thats what im getting out of the online conversation i can find, a lot of which is pretty old. its in the html5 spec, its ok to do. but not sure how many people are doing it, and nobody seems to agree on the seo implicatioons.

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

[email protected] [email protected] video from Matt Cutts says that multiple H1 tags is ok but not to overdo it
It’s over 3 years old now though so I’m not sure how relevant it is.
It seems that many people are unsure as to whether this affects SEO or not.

Comment by Rev. Voodoo says:

@Kevin Muldoon @Rev. Voodoo afaik from the research ive done, its true. not a lot of wp themes are doing it from what i can see. the way i understand it is that the ‘importance’ of each h1 is taken from the html5 structure, dependent on the sectioning content elements, article, aside, nav, section. so h1-h6 applies independently within each section, nested through the markup. the modern browsers all pick up on this appropriately, the one thing i dont know about is if screen readers pick up on this yet and indicate significance.

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

[email protected] Voodoo Is that true? I haven’t heard about that. I’ve tested a lot of HTML5 themes here and they all use one H1 tag per page as normal. 

Comment by Rev. Voodoo says:

if im not mistaken (and im no expert) html5 has changed the old h1 seo rules. each post can have an h1 signifying the title. so an index page on this type of layout could easily have 30 h1 tags, and be semantically correct, and considered seo optimized. i haven’t seen the source of the theme to pass judgement, just wanted to mention that 1 specific point. each individual content section (like a post) can have its own h1-h6, header, footer, etc.

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

Yeah it still works like a normal WordPress website with posts, pages etc. I don’t think  it would work well with users. You’d have to give permissions to registered users to be able to post and the WordPress post editor isn’t as user friendly as the Pinterest website.

Comment by yorkiedale says:

It doesn’t work like Pinterest though does it?  It just looks like it   –  I don’t think there can be different users and suchlike  – at least that’s what the support at Apptha seemed to say, unless they just want to sell the Joomla version, which costs much more, but is meant to be a proper clone

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