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Photocrati – The Ultimate WordPress Theme for Pro Photographers

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Photocrati is a premium WordPress theme which is specifically targeted towards Photographers. The theme costs $79 and comes with its own custom admin area and 15 packaged themes.

The themes strength is its ease of use and its customisation. Something which WordPress novices are sure to like.

In total the themes admin area has 13 different pages. From here you can control the header and footer, menus, the sidebar, CSS styling, and social media settings.

Photocrati Admin Area

The ‘Photocrati Super Theme‘ claims to come with 15 themes. In truth you get the same theme with 15 different stylings. Thankfully the theme is very well designed with a beautiful drop down top navigation menu, gallery section and blog area.

Photocrati WordPress Theme


There are many cheaper photography themes available which have a similar standard of design (some are free!) so at first glance Photocrati doesn’t look like it’s good value for money.

Although the provided 15 themes are practically idential, the main theme is well designed and would be perfect for a Photographers portfolio or even a Wedding gallery.

Where the theme really comes into it’s own is the admin area as you can configure every aspect of the site and change the way the site is structured and styled. Perfect for those who aren’t familiar with WordPress and those who don’t want to spend a lot of time changing things around.

Photocrati retails for $79. The theme comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee which should give some peace of mind to those who are not sure whether it does what they are looking for.

Link: Photocrati

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Comments (36)

Comment by Aiden says:

Photocrati was my first theme. While it isn’t bad for the price, I had issues with it. I moved on to prophoto, then to flothemes. ProPhoto is the most finished/solid one and has the best support by far from my experience.

Comment by Amelia says:

I have nothing but problems with Photocrati. Galleries won’t save or are missing buttons. The updates won’t work. I don’t ever get message things just simply don’t do anything when you click. The shopping cart doesn’t complete orders. I’ve hung in there for a while now but it’s embarrassing and I’ve just about given up on it ever working properly.

Comment by Adrienne says:

I have always had the same problem. Did you ever get this fixed?

Comment by Scott says:

Martin – Thank you very much!

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

[email protected] certainly have capacity. Don’t believe what hosting companies tell you about unlimited packages – there is no such thing. If there was, they wouldn’t offer unlimited packages at $5 a month and VPS and dedicated servers at a few hundred dollars a month.
I would double check with Photocrati about this issue. It’s either a problem with Photocrati or your hosting package is simply not good enough.
What package do you currently have?

Comment by DualFocus says:

We have had someone configure our photocrati theme for us, we are wedding and portrait photographers, and I’m trying to load a wedding in using the photocrati gallery/album option, I’m loading 99 at a time, saving the gallery, then publishing after every 99, and as soon as I start to load the 3rd set of 99 in, it takes forevery to save the gallery and throws the pictures out of sinq, then it I try to order by file name, it takes ages to save, infact it just keeps rolling and rolling, appearing frozen.  Very frustrated at the moment as I have 3 weddings to add.  I thought at first it could have been the ecommerce causing the issues, but it isn’t, out of desparation just tried the standard gallery setting, and nope, still doing it, thing is I need them to be able to view their image numbers, so they can tell me which ones they want for their gallery.  Any help would be so gratefully received, as I have literally been trying and trying again for about 3 weeks now, and don’t know what to do.  Bluehost say its not a capacity issue, as we have unlimited size.  Thanks so much

Comment by Michelle says:

One thing I wish Photocrati had was a plugin for their galleries. I use the galleries for blog posts and now I am stuck with this template forever because if I change it I will lose about 20 blog posts. The galleries don’t transfer over and there is no photocrati gallery plugin. That is one big mistake I made. I should have used Nextgen Galleries instead.

Comment by martin says:

Hi there,

One of my customers asked me to install and configure Photo-Crati and I ran into the same file size limitation. I know there must be a reason why the size is being limited but none the less I modified the code to take files up to 10MB.

The steps are pretty simple but keep in mind I do web development for a living so it might not be as easy for everybody n the forum ;)

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your PHP at your host is configured to accept large files. This is done by creating or updating the PHP.INI file located in the root of your server as follows:

upload_max_filesize = 71680000

post_max_size = 72M

memory_limit = 90M


max_execution_time = 72000

The lines above actually set maximum file size allowed for upload on your server to 72MB using a maximum server memory of 90MB for no more than 20Mins.

The next step is to modify the procedure that uploads the files to the gallery and it’s called: “upload.php” (duh!) and it’s located in: /wp-content/themes/photocrati-theme/photocrati-gallery/admin/

Open the file in a text editor and around line number 155 locate a line of code that starts with: ‘sizeLimit’ :2097152 this is the actual 2MB limitation.

To increase the file size limit to 10MB per file change that number to: 10485760 this is all what you need to force Photo-Crati to upload files larger than 2MB. NOTE: Photo-Crati will still display the message saying that you can only upload 2MB files but you can either ignore it OR you can actually change the text to reflect 10MB value.

To change the text so your gallery upload looks “clean” go to line 534 or search for: “A maximum file size of” and replace the number 2 with the number 10

You’re done ;)

NOTE: As I said on the beginning, the good folks of Photo-Crati must have a good reason to limit the file size and nobody but you are responsible for whatever changes you make to the code.

Good Luck Folks!

Comment by Gary says:

Hi Craig, I have the same problem, I have spent some time trying to understand the the fact that wordpress does not allow a file greater than 2M. Until I worked out that it is set in the php.ini file within the server, that said wordpress will allow larger files when the php.ini file is set accordingly, in my case 32m, but the theme seems to be hard coded, as it does not change from 2M, I have sent an e-mail to Photocrati asking if it can be modified

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

I don’t have the theme so I can’t look at the code for you. I recommend having a look at the functions.php template and seeing if there is anything there.

If you can’t see anything about a 2mb limit, feel free to post the problem in the forums and I’ll do my best to help you out with this when I have more time. :)

Comment by Craig Shue says:

Thanks for trying, there isn’t any limit in the functions.php. I’ll keep searching around.

Comment by Craig Shue says:

I had not tried that before but just did with a 4.9mb JPG and it uploaded to the wp-content/uploads folder with no errors

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

It’s strange that the Photocrati upload limit didn’t change when you changed the WordPress limit.

Have you uploaded a large file or image (e.g. >10mb) to your WordPress site to verify that the WordPress upload limit has been changed.

If it has been and it still doesn’t work, there must be some setting in the Photocrati functions template that limits the upload size.

Comment by Craig Shue says:

Did you find a resolution to this. I have the same situation, I’ve increased max size in PHP to 32mb, I can verify that setting if I attempt to upload media in the WordPress control panel but when adding images to a Photcrati gallery it’s still limited to 2mb.

Comment by roberto farren | Boston wedding photographer says:

thanks fro the info here! I do love photocrati and it works pretty well the the BH setup, but man, it seems such hard work installing an update! I have been round and round the houses and it still won’t update even after doing everything they suggest!

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

No Rodney, it’s a stand alone design :)

Comment by Rodney C. Davis says:

Is Photocrati a child theme for the Genesis framework or not? If so, what’s the price without Genesis?

Comment by Greg F says:

Thanks Kevin, I’ll look into that. I know when I use the WP image upload, it allows 10MB files, but in the Photocrati specific gallery uploads, it says 2MB.

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

I believe the 2mb upload limit is set by WordPress. You can increase this limit in the php.ini file.

Comment by Greg F says:

One more thing you need to know about. Even though my host (bluehost) gives me unlimited storage, the Photocrati Galleries limit each image to 2MB. This is a problem at times, especially when, after processing, some of my files can end up being 18MB, and cutting them to 2MB drastically reduces their quality. Something to ponder….

Comment by Greg F says:

Photocrati is a pretty nice looking design with a pretty good package of tools for those of us that have little interest in learning to write code. I’d much rather focus on my photography, upload my work and get it published to my site. Photocrati is fairly simple to use, has some customizations, and is reasonably priced. That said, it’s inability to integrate with a decent e-commerce solution is frustrating. For the time-being, it works for me as long as I am willing to self-fulfill print orders…..feel free to visit my site to see how it looks…

Comment by tricia burns says:

Erika-I have this theme for my Boudoir photography site and YES you can change just about everything including the logo.

Comment by Pete says:

Easy to use is one thing, but the fact that so many say it’s for beginners and those who will never code, scares me a bit. I want to be able to customize. I have never liked the inflexibility and incompatibilities of WP, not to mention the boring, overly CSS appearance and lack of creative options with WP. I was really hoping to finally find a theme that kicks WP in the ass! Oh well, I’ll keep looking. If anyone knows MM over at WP, tell that pathetic weasel geek to kiss my a$$!

Comment by Erika says:

I’m debating on using the Photocrati themes for my site, my major hesitation is the large “Photocrati” logo on the top of the pages in the Demos. I’ve downloaded other themes that had their company name on them and figured I could change it to my own only to find out I couldn’t after I had already got it. So I would just like to know if that is a changeable heading before I download it.

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

Thanks for posting the link Ron. I’m sure it will help other photocrati users.

Comment by Ron Lussier says:

Since Photocrati took down their user forums, I’ve created a user’s group at:

If you have questions or advice on installation or customization, join us!

Comment by Francis Peacocke says:

I have just uploaded a new website with a Photocrati theme. I found it easy to use and I have had some fantastic comments already.

Comment by Rob says:

I forgot to check notify, so please let me know if anyone has any suggestions by replying to THIS comment. Thanks!!!!

Comment by Rob says:

I just purchased Photocrati and was impressed with the features, but dismayed to find it didn’t work with WP emember. I had hoped to use the two in combo with eachother to allow bridal clients to log in to view their photo galleries privately and buy prints. Works great if I don’t want to use Photocrati’s ecommerce features, but the emember plug in totally screws up the shopping cart capabilities. Not much help from either; photocrati just says they never guarantee compatibility (which is understandable) and WP emember says it should work unless there’s a problem with the Photocrati theme, and gave me a link to verify the code; 10 errors came up that indicated bad coding. I bought Photocrati Feb 2011, so it’s the newer version. Now scrambling to try and figure out a way (OTHER than WP password protection) to allow private viewing of galleries. Would love to have a user/name log in like emember that wouldn’t screw up the theme. Sigh…disappointed.

Comment by Jarkko says:

I bought the theme for my daughters website. She is a beginner photographer and it is perfect for her needs. I have now played with the theme and I’m missing something that Thesis have :)

Maybe I just got lazy and didn’t want to do all from the beginning. I recommend this theme to all who don’t want to code themselves.

Comment by Aj says:

I recently purchased photocratic. I quite like it as it’s easy to install, help files and videos are really good. I would certainly recommend it. My one and only criticism is their email support is very slow which for me creates a huge problem, especially when I have a problem which I cannot find any help notes on…still awaiting responses to my email support queries :-)

Comment by MuZReK says:

really a good theme for photographer’s blog. i think a photoblog and i wish use this them for my new site. thanks

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

Hi Erick,

Thanks for taking the time to speak about your theme.

It’s good to hear that code has been vastly improved. It’s something which is vastly underrated.



Comment by Erick @ Photocrati says:

Hey Kevin, Jean-Baptiste,

This is Erick from Photocrati. I was just searching to see what’s out there about our themes and found this. Kevin, thanks for taking the time for the review. Jean-Baptiste, you’re absolute right about the code. The themes were first released in August 2009, and in retrospect the coding was just awful. We hired the wrong coders.

For 2.0, we brought in new and outstanding in-house developers, and started from scratch. Some of the design elements are similar, but there was no code in 2.0 that was the same as 1.0.

Among other things, when you purchased 1.0, we had several themes. With 2.0, we’ve incorporated all our themes into one “supertheme.” Our developers are now religious about clean, well-commented code.

Since then, we’ve release 2.1, 2.2, and we just released 3.0 this week. 3.0 completely reworks the back-end options panel, and adds a new gallery management system, Photocrati Gallery, with better display options. Here’s some info on 3.0:

When we made the major upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0, we also offered all buyers free lifetime upgrades to future versions of “supertheme.” If you want to try it again, you can log in any time and download 3.0. Once installed, all future upgrades can be done automatically with a one-click upgrade from the dashboard.

Best wishes to you,

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

Unfortunately, code is something that you can’t view before purchasing a theme (some themes on themeforest are supposed to be really bad for this).

They could have improved the code but it’s doubtful in my opinion as coders who don’t get in the habit of commentating and making things easy to read from the start rarely do so later in their careers.

I think their target audience is beginners though i.e. those who won’t even look at the code. So perhaps that’s why they were lazy with it (though it’s still no excuse).

Comment by Jean-Baptiste Jung says:

I have tried Photocrati for a client one year ago and i must admit I wasn’t that much impressed. Features are quite cool but I found the themes horribly badly coded.

That said, it was one year ago, and hopefully they updated it since.

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