Partner with WPHUB

Since 2010, WPHUB has been one of the most trafficked websites in the WordPress industry. With thousands of published articles and reviews on WordPress themes and plugins, WPHUB has been a big influence on the community and with our partners.

As of 2014, WPHUB has fully switched to a WordPress themes and plugins marketplace, showcasing premium themes, templates and creations from some of the most talented publishers and developers in the industry. We are proud to be a 100% GPL marketplace and firm supporters of the WordPress foundation and all that it stands for.

WPHUB is currently looking for partners in various areas that can help build value for our community of WordPress netizens, readers, bloggers and contributors. Areas that we are actively looking to build relationships include:

Theme Authors

If you are a premium theme developer that believes in excellent design, WordPress coding standards and 100% GPL code, then we want to talk with you! WPHUB is a fast-growing marketplace for WordPress themes and plugins that offers fantastic support, tools and commission for theme authors and developers.

Why work with us?

Best payouts in the industry: WPHUB offers a 70% commission with no exclusive agreements. You can sell your themes or products on your own website or other market places. After all, you own it, so why shouldn’t you?

Limited membership: We only accept a handful of theme authors on our marketplace. It’s not beneficial to our customers to browse through hundreds of pages of themes just to find the one they are looking for and it doesn’t help our authors either. Rather than competing with thousands of other authors, your theme will actually benefit from having views immediately at WPHUB.

Split commissions: If a customer purchases your theme and also purchases additional products, you get part of the commission of that sale as well! Too good to be true? Perhaps, but we want our authors to be so happy to sell on WPHUB that they refer business back to us. If one of your customers asks for customization on your theme, by sending them to WPHUB, you will gain the ability to upsell services that you might not otherwise have access to. It’s win-win all around.

Bleeding Edge UI/UX: WPHUB has a blazing fast browsing system that makes finding a theme easy, fast and even fun! Other marketplaces still have visitors tiredly click through theme after theme reading pages and pages of text. We refuse to be constrained by marketplace interfaces that suffer from 1990s web technology. By having an elegant interface, our customers are more engaged, perceives themes as higher quality and are more apt to send word-of-mouth referrals to WPHUB.

Full Fledged Back-End: Tired of having no idea where your commissions are coming from? We give you access to a full spectrum of data, from your theme conversion rates, total views, analytics metrics and even graphs of how you are doing. Don’t be left in the dark any longer.

To summarize all of the benefits of working with WPHUB:

  • WPHUB is one of the top traffic sources for WordPress and themes
  • Non-exclusive contracts with 70% commission to authors
  • Shared commissions on linked sales
  • Transparent sales reports and traffic data
  • Limited authors means more sales for you

Sounds great, what are the requirements for joining WPHUB?

  • Code should conform to WordPress best practices and coding standards (directly making queries into wp_options? tisk tisk tisk!)
  • Code must be 100% GPL (What is GPL? Read more [link])
  • Themes must be mobile ready and cross browser compatible
  • Themes must pass code quality check with WP_DEBUG turned on
  • Must pass Theme-Check plugin
  • Assets and dummy-data must be distributable and royalty free
  • Must write unique content to market and advertise your theme on WPHUB (no copy and pasting from your own site or other marketplaces)
  • Must have installation documentation and/or videos
  • Must provide technical support for users for 12 months after theme purchase

Ready to join our elite team of WordPress theme authors? Then send an email to: [email protected] .com, with the subject line “Theme Author Application”. Please include your name, Skype ID and links to your websites and WordPress themes that you would like to showcase on WPHUB. Once we receive your application we will send a reply back to you shortly!

WordPress Freelancers

Are you a WordPress fanatic that speaks, breathes and dreams WordPress? Are you a hero of best coding practices by day and fight evil spaghetti code by night? If so, you should apply your talents with the fine team of WP experts at WPHUB!

Whereas many WordPress agencies compete on the lowest possible price, WPHUB focuses on a high quality, hassle-free experience for our customers. We value developers that are able to communicate well with clients, set realistic expectations and also provide a high level of service. By working with WPHUB, you will be able to learn from other WordPress professionals and join a team committed to high quality work.

To apply, email your resume and link to portfolio to: [email protected], subject “Freelance Application”.