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Manage Your WordPress Menus With The Menu Management Enhancer WordPress Plugin

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Chris Mavricos from Seven Spark, creator of the fantastic UberMenu WordPress Plugin that is used to enhance the WP Mods navigation menu, recently contacted me about his latest project Menu Management Enhancer.

The plugin was designed to help those with many items in their WordPress menus by addressing the problems that arise when you have lots of items in your menu(s). It’s main feature is the ability to expand and contract each menu level; either individually or collectively. It makes moving menu items around much easier as previously, moving an item from the bottom of the tree to the top was a pain.

The default menu tree
Default Menu Tree

The number of sub menu items (children) is shown at the side of each item. This is a great of way of seeing where your items are when everything has been collapsed. I would prefer if the number was large though as the font is quite small.

Menu Enhanced by Menu Management Enhancer
Menu Management Enhancer

You can jump to each top level menu easily by clicking quick menu jumper at the right hand side of the page (the width of the jumper can be toggled too). From here hide or show menu ids, toggle descriptions on and off and switch hints on.

Menu Management Enhancer

Menu Management Enhancer is not a menu replacement. It will work with any menu improvement plugin such as UberMenu and only affects the menu page in your back end.

Menu Management Enhancer retails for $8 from ThemeForest. If you only have a few items on your menu page, this isn’t the plugin for you. Those of you who have lots of menu items however should find Menu Management Enhancer very useful, particularly if you add or remove items frequently.


Link: Menu Management Enhancer

* Thanks to Chris Mavricos from Seven Spark for providing a test copy of this plugin for the purpose of this review.

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Comments (6)

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

I do agree that your top menu is too crowded. I think you need to reorganise things. I personally don’t think it’s necessary to link to individual articles straight from the main navigation menu. You could simply create a best of page and list all your best articles there. Alternatively, link your best posts in a home page slider or as a list on the sidebar.

Comment by AstroGremlin says:

Kevin, your site addresses topics of great interest to a blogger just hitting 6 months! I have no real difficulty managing my menus in WP, but due to a limited number of categories, e.g. WordPress, the top-of-the-page display of category-based articles has gotten quite crowded. I installed a Table of Contents plug-in that works well, but it sort of lacks the immediacy of the top of the page for displaying options to readers. Any advice on the best approach as my article inventory begins to get unmanageable?

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

I came across a simple plugin a few months ago. I can’t remember what t did but I sent an email asking for either a test copy or access to a demo so I could review it (it was one of those long sales pages so I couldn’t even grab screenshots for a preview).

The guy who replied to me was borderline crazy. Accused me of doing this so I could release it elsewhere for free. I showed him a few urls of reviews I had wrote and he still didn’t change his mind. I stop wasting my time and moved on.

Chis from SevenSpark is thankfully not like that. After I bought ubermenu he was very helpful with some queries I had and was kind of enough to let me test his new plugin out.

Do you get a negative response when you are trying to review themes?

Comment by Aj says:

Handy looking plugin. I’m impressed you got a copy for testing, most TF authors seem to be against that, unfortunately most don’t understand marketing.

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

No problem Chris. I’m a big fan of small plugins that add useful functionality to WordPress so was happy to share :)

Comment by Chris Mavricos says:

Thanks for the review, Kevin! I hope WordPress users with lots of menu items to manage find the plugin useful :)

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