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Introducing The Google +1 Button

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Where Digg was once King, Facebook and Twitter have taken over as the must have social media buttons on blogs and websites. Social media buttons are a great source of traffic for websites and the social media websites themselves therefore it’s no surprise that Google are attempting to launch their own sharing solution with the Google +1 Button.

The +1 Button works in the same way as the Facebook ‘Like This’ button. Users can +1 search results or paid advertisements on Google. They will also be encouraging website owners to add the +1 Button to their websites too. Once it has been introduced, you will see recommendations from Google contacts (and others I assume) whenever you use Google (assuming you are logged in).

There is no information on Google on when this will be introduced however rumours are that the +1 Button may be used in some way to influence search results so I have no doubt it will be used by the masses. I wonder how long before we see social media services promising to make your website number 1 through +1 Button promotion :)


Link: Google +1 Button

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Comment by Tom says:

My thoughts on Google +1

Clearly lots of benefits for the webmaster, but what’s in it for the punter?

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