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Internal Linking with WordPress 3.1

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Since WordPress 2.6, Link to Post has been one of my single favorite plugins. It provided the ability to easily create links to other posts or pages from within the editor with a very nice, simple interface. It is simply an awesomely simple plugin. However, what’s better than a plugin? Core functionality.

Thanks to the WordPress developers, the features provided by the Link to Post plugin are now built into the core.

If you haven’t played with 3.1 much yet, you may not have noticed the new feature as it’s relatively hidden (or at least not glaringly obvious).

When writing a post, select the text you’d like to link to another post or page, then click the regular anchor link icon in the toolbar:

This will bring up a simple modal window where you can type in the URL to link to, or choose from existing content.

You can either choose from the list of recent posts, or type in the title and the options will be displayed with ajaxed search results:

Simply select the post / page title you want to link to and click “Add Link”.

A beautiful new feature.


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Comments (9)

Comment by Dave Porter says:

Hi Karen,

Un-Check the first checkbox in TinyMCE Advanced settings. It also explains there why you have to do this!
Also make sure you have the latest version, which is

HTH, Dave

Comment by Karen says:

Update: I did a few tests, deactivated some plugins, etc.,. The plugin Tiny MCE Advanced doesn’t seem to play nice with 3.1.1. When I deactivated it, my internal linking came right back up. TinyMCE has a setting called Advanced Linking but I didn’t see *any* change if it’s selected or not.When that plugin is active, internal linking didn’t work.

Meanwhile, if any of you had been using the plugin RB Internal Links to create internal links prior to 3.1., that plugin still working.

Comment by Karen says:

Yeah, it’s really great, but you know what? WP 3.1.1 does not seem to have this feature! I *just* upgraded and now I don’t see the internal link options. What the…? Surely, they wouldn’t dump that very useful feature in the very next upgrade!?? Please tell me I am just blind?

Comment by Matth says:

Very fucking cool.

Thanks for the detailed explanation of what seems like a hidden feature.

Comment by Laxman Kasula says:

I still have not realized it that wp 3.1 has this feature…

Comment by elroy81 says:

Thats class! Cheers I didn’t even notice it!

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

Must admit that’s a feature that slipped by me as well. Very handy as it will stop you having to hunt for appropriate URLs.

Comment by Pippin Williamson says:

Yep, it’s pretty discrete.

Comment by Amy says:

Very nice, I didn’t realize this new feature yet. Thanks for the heads-up.

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