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Make Sure Your Gravatar is Retina-Ready

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As I was browsing the web for WordPress news the other day I came across this post by Gravatar announcing the fact that they’ve updated their entire website and service for Apple’s new Retina Displays. In case you’re unaware, Apple recently released the next generation MacBook Pro with the same retina display they premiered on the iPhone 4 and iPad. This impressive new technology means that more people than ever before (and soon everyone with a mac) will be viewing the web through a much crisper, cleaner lens. A lens with over 5 million pixels actually. That’s more than most HD TV’s!

What does this mean for you? Well in this case it means that if you’re using Gravatar to sync your profile picture across multiple websites, individuals viewing that Gravatar profile image may be seeing something of less than impressive quality.


With this Gravatar update however, you are now able to increase the size and resolution of the images you use – up to 2084px! – resulting in beautiful profile images to match those new beautiful retina displays making their way out into the market.

Do you have a retina display? Are there other services, sites, or apps that you’ve come across that could us a similar upgrade? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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Comments (4)

Comment by MaAnna says:

Thanks for the tip Amber. I’m ready for my close up Mr. deVille. Hope most folks do as the other commentors here suggest and upload a higher rez image to take advantage of this.

Comment by Nathan Weller says:

You’ll need to upload a new higher quality image yourself to take advantage of their new capabilities.

Comment by Peter says:

After re-reading my comment, i feel like I have to clarify: I realize you can’t just upsample an image and have higher resolution – but Gravatar seems to store larger (higher resolution) images. Will they just serve these up, or do we need to take action (by uploading higher res photos) to take advantage?

Comment by Peter says:

Man, retina display is *hot* right now.

Does anything need to be done for the average Gravatar user? A new, higher resolution upload? Or will they just be serving up the images they currently have in larger dimensions (and therefore higher resolution) when necessary?

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