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5 Plugins That Integrate Google Analytics With Your WordPress Dashboard

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To track traffic through Google Analytics you simply need to add the tracking code to your footer template. Most premium WordPress themes make this easier by allowing you to add the code via a form in the theme options areaand there are plugins available such as Anflex GA and Easy Google Analytics for those of you aren’t comfortable editing templates.

Today I would like to show you plugins that integrate Google Analytics with your WordPress installation; allowing you to view your traffic stats in the admin area of your site rather than having to login to Google Analytics directly. I hope you find the list useful :)

1. Google Analyticator

A great plugin from developer Ronald Heft . Has a host of great features including an admin dashboard widget, a widget that can display visitor stats publicly, hiding of admin visits and much more.

Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator: Info | Download

2. Web Ninja Google Analytics

Josh Fowlers Web Ninja plugin adds your Analaytics tracking code to every page of your site and an admin dashboard widget that lets you quickly see your website traffic. Features include the ability to track click throughs in mailto links, support for Goal stat tracking and the ability to embed the last stats for the past 30 days with a short code.

Web Ninja Google Analytics

Web Ninja Google Analytics: Info | Download

3. Google Analytics Dashboard

Although the plugin does not add the tracking code for Google Analytics, the Google Analytics Dashboard plugin from Carson McDonald adds a dashboard widget to your website. The best feature is undoubtedly it’s ability to track stats for individual posts and show a small graph in the post area of your site. It’s a great method of quickly seeing what articles are getting the most traffic.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard: Info | Download

4. iRedlof Google Analytics Stats

The Google Analytics plugin from Rohit LalChandani is a bit basic compared to some of the other options available but still tracks basic stats like visits and pages. Suitable for those who are looking for something simple.

iRedlof Google Analytics Stats

iRedlof Google Analytics Stats: Info | Download

5. Google Analytics Visits

A peculiar plugin from Peplamb, Google Analytics Visits display the visits from each country with country flags next to them. A very simple plugin and only suitable for those who only need to see where visitors are coming from.

Google Analytics Visits

Google Analytics Visits: Info | Download

Enhancing Google Analytics

If you are not looking to check stats through your WordPress admin area but more information on the traffic to your website I recommend checking out the WP Google Analytics plugin from Aaron Campbell and the excellent Google Analytics for WordPress from Joost de Valk.

Another good plugin for enhancing Google Analytics is the Extended Google Analytics For WordPress plugin from SiteBase (retails for $12). It lets you track downloads, mailto links and tools to generate tracking links in newsletters.

For additional traffic statistics I recommend installing the JetPack by plugin. Not only does it display up to date traffic stats and referrers, it also additional functionality such as adds gravatar hovercards, sharedaddy social links and short code embeds.

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Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

Yeah that’s understandable. We will be sending out newsletters regularly next year but not at the moment.

Glad you like the site :)


Comment by Rikard Rodin says:

I did eventually get one, but suppose I won’t sign up if you’re not sending one out. You’ve got some good info on your site!

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

I’m using MailChimp. Not sure why you didn’t get a verification email as yet. Could be worth checking your spam folder :)

To be completely honest, I’m not planning on writing for the newsletter regularly until it has more subscribers and at the moment I’d prefer to interact with readers through FaceBook. Though in the future when we release some good free and premium products here I will probably use it more.

Comment by Rikard Rodin says:

Yeah, I’m guessing Web Ninja is the second best thing. I’d really like for the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin to add a dashboard display as this is something my clients want and its other features are quite good. (On a separate note, I signed up for your newsletter but never received the verification email?)

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

There’s nothing more frustrating than having two plugins you love clashing with each other. It’s unfortunately something we will have to deal with from time to time as plugin developers can’t make their scripts compatible with all other plugins.

Web Ninja is pretty good too though.

Comment by Rikard Rodin says:

I am a fan of Google Analyticator. I would agree that it is the number one Google Analytics plugin. The only problem I ran into with it is that it conflicts with the conditional logic of Gravity Forms (which is another great plugin). I consequently had to switch to Web Ninja.

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