WordPress Support - Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Support and Help

Q: How do I install WordPress?

We recommend you read our article, How to Install WordPress in a Few Minutes for an easy and simple solution to getting started with your WordPress install. For more detailed instructions, WordPress.org has their official Install WordPress page that has detailed instructions on how to setup and configure WordPress.

If you are still need additional help or simply wish to have it installed by WPHUB staff, visit our WordPress Installation to learn about our quick installation service and rates.

Q: After purchasing my theme, where do I download it?

WPHUB will send you both a confirmation receipt of your purchase as well as download instructions for your purchase. Please look in your inbox for these emails or check your spam folder if you do not see it. If you cannot find your emails, please contact [email protected] .com and we will re-send your download link to you. You may also login to your account area by clicking on the top right of the page on the “Sign In” link. Once logged in, you will have access to your available downloads.

Q: I need help installing my theme / plugin!

Almost all WordPress themes on WPHUB come with documentation with installation instructions included in the zip file. If you are having trouble though, read our Configuring a WordPress Theme which has general details on installing most any theme. You can also check out WordPress.org’s Theme page, which has instructions on how to add themes to your WordPress install.

Q: Where can I get support for my theme / plugin?

For questions specifically related to your theme or plugin, visit WPHUB’s support forums and post in the section that applies to your theme.

Q: I installed my theme but it doesn’t look like the demo.

Some WordPress themes include what is known as “dummy data”, which are licensed images that the theme author has used to showcase their theme. In some instances, the licensing or copyright on the dummy data cannot be transferred with the sale of the theme. Even when included, dummy data is meant only to be a placeholder for actual images uploaded from the user (you).

Learning More

Q: Where can I learn more about WordPress?

Visit WordPress.org is the official documentation for WordPress. Here you will find articles on how to use WordPress, creating and editing posts, managing your site, working with themes and even tutorials on creating your own plugins. WPHUB also has our own Beginner’s Guide to Wordpressthat is a quick and easy summary on how to get started immediately.

Q: Can you teach me how to customize my theme?

For starters, check out our article, Understanding the Basic Infrastructure of WordPress. This will give you a solid overview of all of the working parts of WordPress without getting too technical.

Billing and Accounts

Q: Where can I find my billing history?

Please click on the “Sign In” link at the top right and enter in your email and password to login to your account. Once logged in, you will be able to see your available downloads and purchase history.

Q: What is WPHUB’s refund policy?

The products sold on WPHUB are all digital downloads. By nature, once an item is downloaded, the rights to the product are permanently yours, as we cannot see or control what you decide to do with the item. This means we are unable to take back items because the concept is literally impossible with digital items.

Our policy on refunds is that we are only able to issue refunds in the event that the most recent version of a theme or plugin is defective. If you changed your mind, the theme/plugin is too difficult to install or it is not compatible with another product, then we are unable to issue a refund.

To test against defects, WPHUB has a baseline WordPress install that has a number of popular plugins included. If we find that the theme or plugin does not work with this baseline, then we can issue a refund. Otherwise, if we verify the functionality of the software, but you are unable to install or configure the software, it is most likely a conflict or configuration error with your WordPress installation.

No matter what the situation, WPHUB is interested in helping you resolve your technical problems. Please post any technical help questions in our support forum.

Q: Who do I contact for help with my WordPress hosting?

WPHUB offers premium WordPress hosting that is powered by our partners at SiteGround. All technical questions related to hosting such as billing, account issues, server downtime and such should go directly to the SiteGround Support Team.

Questions on WordPress related issues with your theme or plugin should be posted in the WPHUB support forum.