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Start Your Own Groupon Style Website With The Daily Deal Theme

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With Groupon tipped to be the first internet company to earn 1 billion dollars in revenue and Living Social growing in size every day, daily deal websites have proven that they can make great money once they are established.

You may be pleased to hear that it’s never been easier to start your own daily deal website. Daily Deal is a new WordPress theme from Templatic that makes posting daily deals incredibly easy.

The premise of daily deal websites is very simple. Retailers offer bargains to customers for one day only. The daily deal website takes a cut for posting the deal (usually 50%) and the retailer gets a huge amount of exposure for free and usually makes a profit due to the volume of sales they make. It would be very difficult to develop a site to the level of Groupon and Living Social without a large budget though I’m sure there’s still a lot of money to be made through niche daily deal websites.

Daily Deal WordPress Theme

The home page shows the day of the deal and lists previous deals underneath. At the bottom of the page is a newsletter subscription box to encourage repeat visits. The footer is widgetized too.

In many respects the theme acts as a framework. It gives you complete control over how your site is styled and how things are laid out.

You can add additional custom fields to the post deal submission page, which makes creating a daily deal website for a specific niche much easier. There are several payment options for visitors to choose from too including PayPal, Google Checkout and

Daily Deal WordPress Theme

I tested Daily Deal out and I was very impressed. You can change the colour scheme easily (5 colour schemes are included), modify listings and pages to suit your needs and send notifications to buyers, sellers and admins. I’m sure we will see more developers launch similar types of applications for WordPress though I have been very impressed with Daily Deal.

A standard license for Daily Deal costs $89.95 whilst a developer license costs $159. Each purchase comes with the original photoshop PSD file, unlimited theme support and guaranteed updates for a year.


Link: Daily Deal

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Comments (10)

Comment by Tim C says:

Hello Kevin,
Just a quick question for you. Â  I’m interested in purchasing this product to launch a free coupon style site.  I want to be able to limit the weekly coupon to a certain amount (say; only 100 coupons available this week) and  for the users to create individual login accounts.  Can this theme support that?

Comment by Brooke says:

Another great option if youâ€â„¢re looking to run your own daily deal is There are no hidden fees or confusing contracts and you keep 100% of your revenue because customers pay you directly.

Comment by M.Grissom says:

Yea, don’t get to excited when it comes to any product released by Templatic. lol

They all look great – no question about that, but when you start using their themes you realize you have to spend a lot of money fixing their bugs and sloppy coding.

All I am saying is buyer and blogger beware. :)

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

No, this theme was developed for the self hosted version of WordPress.

Comment by Kostas says:

That is very clever and it will be the solution to all these people who actually pay group buy websites to post couple items here and there.
Question: Is this theme available in as well?

Comment by Chad says:

This looks like an awesome theme. I don’t have use for it at this time, however I am bookmarking this to come back to in the future for sure!

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

Oh right. I’ve never come across any alternatives out there. I’m surprised anyone would pay $400 and give away a percentage of their profit.

Comment by Brian Y. says:

Hey Kevin,

Think you misunderstood my point. I’m saying this theme is well worth the price. But there are two Daily Deals alternatives that charge $400 and upwards plus take 5-7% of your deals’ gross. This is unheard of from typical WordPress themes, and I’m glad this solution is out to hopefully put an end to that sort of price gouging.

Comment by Brian Y. says:

Very nice. At $90-160 this theme might be expensive but nowhere near the price gouging of previous alternatives. The way other WordPress themes/plugins take a cut of profits is ludicrous, and I hope that the developers/companies offering similar systems using this tactic lose business because of this.

That said I honestly believe the Daily Deals format as Groupon does it is flawed. As stated before, it is seriously harmful to small businesses and damaging to consumer expectations. I’m curious as to what kind of market one launching a website would be met with starting right now.

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

I have to strongly disagree with this. I don’t think nit’s ludicrous for any company to sell a product for around $100 if the quality of their product is good, particularly if they have been working on the project for weeks or months.

Some of these design companies have lots of designers working on each theme. Each designer has to make a living – they have to eat, pay their bills, look after their kids etc. To suggest that they shouldn’t take a ‘cut of profits’ is silly.

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