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Custom Fonts with WP Font Uploader

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WP Font UploaderA while back a freelance client of mine asked me to develop a way for them to completely manage the fonts on their website. They wanted the ability to upload their own fonts and apply them to any section of the WordPress powered website. Hmmm, not so easy. If you’re familiar with using fonts on a website, you’ll know that there are several different options available to you:

  1. Cufon, or other flash/javascript based font system
  2. Google Web fonts
  3. Directly embedding with @font-face (check the link for an excellent talk done by my good friend John Kary

I wanted to build a system that didn’t require a user to have flash or javascript enabled, therefor it would work 100% of the time. So I went with @font-face and got to work.

Two days later I was done and Font Uploader was born.

This plugin lets you upload your own font files and apply them to any element of your website without requiring a knowledge of html or css. All .otf and .ttf font files are supported.

Forget about using Flash and embed your fonts the right way.

There are two versions of Font Uploader available, one that is free from the WordPress plugin repository, and one that is $10 from Code

The free version provides custom font support for all modern browsers (excluding all versions of IE), and the premium version provides custom font support for all browsers. The premium version also includes support for the Google web fonts.

Both versions of the plugin have become extremely popular, with over 4,400 free downloads and 340+ purchases of the premium version.

Want to See it in Action?

Check out my quick screencast for a demonstration of the plugin.

You can also see more about Font Uploader at my website.

For the really hardcore WordPress users, I’ve also written an extremely popular tutorial on how to write the plugin yourself :)

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Comments (10)

Comment by Jster says:

BTW, emailed you, thanks!

Comment by Jster says:

Got it uploaded and installed, and selected the font and element in the “Font Uploader” section of WP. But nothing’s happening… what am I missing?? Thanks SO much.

Comment by Jster says:

Headway user here, trying to install the plugin and got this error:
“The plugin does not have a valid header.”

If you can help me get this working, I’ll happily buy the paid version!!

Comment by Pippin says:

Install the plugin via FTP and you shouldn’t have this problem.

Comment by Pippin Williamson says:

Robert, I answered you over on Pippin’s

Comment by Robert says:

Another Headway user here

Comment by Ben says:

If you figure out the issue with Headway, you have another immediate user here.

Comment by Pippin Williamson says:

If you send me your site information to my email, I’ll help you figure it out.

Comment by Melinda says:

I bought the Premium version, but found it does not work with WP 3.1. Interestingly, it changes the fonts in my theme’s (Headway) Visual Editor, but not on my actual blog. Does it just not work correctly with the latest version of WP

Comment by Pippin Williamson says:

No, it should work perfectly fine with WP 3.1. I have tested it extensively. The problem is actually most likely with HeadWay. There are occasional conflicts with themes, due to how they are setup, but HeadWay has consistently given users trouble when it comes to Font Uploader. I don’t know why, but I’d be more than happy to try and figure out the cause of it. Send me an email to pippin(at)pippinspages(dot)com

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