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Ian Lincicome is a web developer and freelance writer with over 20 years experience in web development and writing. He specializes in Web Development, Custom WordPress Development, Programming, Online Application Development, Fiction Writing and Technical Writing. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with others on WPHub.com.

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In today’s coding generation, HTML is a very basic language. For that reason alone, I am going to call this a beginner’s tutorial on HTML and its use in WordPress. There are several HTML tags that are vital for customizing content in a WordPress blog. I will concentrate on things that you cannot do with the WYSIWYG editor. The WordPress WYSIWYG editor is the tool in the WordPress admin that allows most WordPress users to know little or no HTML code at all and still make a somewhat decent looking blog post or page. However, if you know the basics […]

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In this intermediate level WordPress tutorial, I will cover how you can host an absolutely free WordPress blog that you can customize as you see fit. The only alternative solution for a free WordPress blog has to do with signing up with WordPress.com and hosting your blog with them, but they do not offer you the freedom that hosting your site on the Amazon free usage tier does. For one thing, you have complete freedom of design and branding using the cloud server solution described in this tutorial. Setting on Your Amazon Account for Free: The first thing you have […]

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This is an intermediate level tutorial for WordPress developers interested in adding a floating vertical share box to their WordPress website. I spent the better part of a day trying to find the perfect share box for WordPress and found that most wouldn’t work in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Well let’s just say they wouldn’t work in Internet Explorer. Most of them work find in Firefox from my experience. However, instead of using one of the ones already available on the internet, I decided to develop my own because the ones I found were too complex and therefore wouldn’t […]

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This is a tutorial for WordPress developers, theme developers and aspiring WordPress gurus. I would consider this an intermediate level tutorial. The concepts are a little complex, but very easy to implement. I will show you several useful WordPress functions that can be added to your current theme’s functions.php file to enhance the look and functionality of your WordPress website or blog. I will also demonstrate how, through the use of hooks, you can call upon those functions when certain events occur. I will also explain how to apply functions that filter text before it is displayed to the screen. […]

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This is an advanced tutorial for WordPress users interested in using WordPress CakePHP. There are several tricks in this tutorial you can apply to your WordPress/CakePHP setup when moving from one server to another. The tricks in this tutorial can be useful whether you are moving to a new server or adding WordPress to your current server with CakePHP on it. Either way, most of the things in this tutorial will need to be done. Moving a CakePHP/WordPress Site There are some special precautions to take when moving a WordPress site that has CakePHP installed. First of all is the […]

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