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Colour Code Your Post Status With WordPress UI Labs

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John Nolan, a member of the WordPress UI Team, recently released an experimental plugin called WordPress UI Labs. The aim of the plugin is to extend and enhance the WordPress interface.

The plugins first experiment is the addition of a colour codes for post statuses. All the plugin does is apply colour coding to the status of a post or page. This doesn’t initially seem like a useful feature but to a site such as WP Mods, which has a new blog post every single day, it is a godsend; as there are always at least a few articles that have a draft or pending status.

Normally, your post area will look something like this:

WordPress UI Labs

With UI Labs, it is much easier to quickly see what status your posts are in.

WordPress UI Labs

If a lot of your posts are in the draft or pending stage, I recommend trying UI Labs out. I’m looking forward to seeing what John adds next to this experimental plugin as I love plugins which make simply changes that enhance the blogging experience.


UI Labs: Information | Download

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Comments (5)

Comment by Jose says:

No working in spanish?

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

No problem John :)

Comment by JohnONolan says:

Hey Kevin, sorry I’m so late to the party! Love that you wrote about this :) Thanks for the kind words

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

Glad you like the site Amy. Yeah I’m a big fan of small plugins like this which improve efficiency. Looking forward to seeing what is added to the labs plugin next.

Comment by Amy says:

Very nice, Kevin. I too like simple things that make a visual difference and improve efficiency. I will give it a try too. Thanks for the heads-up. I really am enjoying the content on this site. The choice of content is a good fit for my needs and knowledge of WordPress.

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