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Change Your WordPress Posts Into Pages

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I built a small content website a few years ago on a topic I know a lot about. I have only spent about 30 minutes updating the site since I built the website and wrote all the content a few years ago and whilst it isn’t a huge earner, it gets decent traffic and brings in about £30 a month consistently. Therefore I have decided to improve the design and add content on a regular basis through a blog.

As I logged into to create the blog page and amend the customise the blog design I noticed that all the content on the site was in posts rather than pages. Clearly when I created the website originally I never thought I’d be adding a blog in the future though I should have still added the content as pages instead of posts.

Thankfully, changing posts from pages is incredibly easy. All you have to do is run this short SQL query through PHPMyAdmin.

UPDATE wp_posts SET post_type = 'page' WHERE post_type = 'post'

As you can see from the above code, all content on WordPress is stored in one table, therefore you are simply changing the type of content from a post to a page. As you would expect, you can change content from pages to post in much the same way.

UPDATE wp_posts SET post_type = 'post' WHERE post_type = 'page'

The main limitation from using the above SQL command is that all pages would be converted into posts but would not have a category attached to them i.e. the post would be uncategorised.

If the thought of using PHPMyAdmin scares you a little then I recommend using the pTypeConverter plugin from Brian D Goad, which can be downloaded from Brians website or the official WordPress plugin directory.

pTypeConverter WordPress Plugin

The plugin will let you change posts to pages and vice versa at the click of a button. It is WordPress 3.0 ready too so allows you to change posts into pages, attachments, revisions and navigation items. If you are looking to quickly change all your posts into pages, I would still personally recommend using the quick SQL command via PHPMyAdmin to save time.

I hope you have found this article useful. Please leave a comment if you are unsure of anything :)

Good luck,

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Comments (12)

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

It depends on what permalink you are using. If you are simply using postlink, the URLs would be the same.

There are other plugins available which fix 404 errors. If you weren’t changing many pages, I’d just add some simply 301 redirects to your .htaccess file.

Comment by Brad Dalton says:

But what about the permalink and 404? I know what the plugin does but you would need to redirect all the old permalinks to the new to avoid 404 page not found errors.

Comment by Richindesign says:

Check this if you need a guide on hoiw to layout wordpress

Comment by Harish says:

I have designed a website in Dreamweaver. I have a registered domain name as well. Now using WordPress I want to write contents and I want to publish it in my website. When I am trying to view my posts in WordPress it is getting published under the website that I have created using wordpress. With the theme twentyten. I want to publish it in my website. I tried to google my query but it just has headlines as “Integrate wordpress into your website” but there is no technical reference as to how to do it.
I hope I am somewhat able to put my problem.

Thanks & Regards

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

You don’t need to use Dreamweaver. WordPress is a self publishing platform – i.e. if you have designed a static website using Dreamweaver, you don’t need WordPress. If it is simply the design you have created, you would need to create a WordPress theme if you wanted to use WordPress.

It sounds like you have not installed WordPress as yet. Perhaps I am misunderstanding your problem. It’s still a little unclear.

Comment by Harish says:

Hi Kevin,

I have designed my own website. Now I want to put contents into it by using wordpress. Is it anyhow also possible to publish my wp categories in my website’s categories.

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

Hi Harish,

I’m not 100% sure what you mean. Can you clarify what you are unsure about.


Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

I tend to stick with plugins with complicated functions but for simple edits it’s worth adjusting the tables manually if possible. It’s usually quicker, though obviously you need to back things up just incase.

Comment by Marios says:

Great article/tip Kevin, I used the plugin before its great, but never try through PHPMyAdmin, I will give it a try, Plugins are great but sometimes you just want to hard coded the function.

Comment by Kevin Muldoon says:

Glad you found the article useful :)

Comment by Deepak says:

This would really help if you want to give that static website look to your wordpress blog. Just putting out there

Comment by ctwovaat says:

Kevin.. Thank you so much for this post .. I was looking for the same thing .. being a newbie to wordpress and CMS , i was haunted by this question for weeks thank you .. My requirement is basically to push the categories as pages I think I know exactly where to look .. If I get it done .. I will surely come back to put in the sql query that fixed it ..once again .. thank you!

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