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Zeta is a professional looking free WordPress theme from WP Corner. It could be used for a blog or online magazine.

Features include:

  • Subscription box at the top of the sidebar
  • Social media icons on the outside of the design
  • Featured post with slider on the home page
  • Post thumbnails
  • Banner integration
  • Widget ready
  • Popular article section

Zeta WordPress Theme

More information about the Zeta theme can be found in the links below :)


Zeta WordPress Theme: Info & Download | Demo

Comments (4)

  • Comment by Guest

    I cannot show the Subscription and Advertisement areas in the sidebar. Do I need a widget for it? There is no such and there is some code in the sidebar.php which should be enough. Or do I need a Plugin for it? Or is something missing in the php files? Why does it not work by default? I have downloaded the theme from wpcorner.com but the site is down since days.

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Hi Brenne,

    The ie.css file will be used for older versions of internet explorer (i.e. to make sure the site is still displayed correctly).

    I don’t have the theme installed in my test site anymore but it should be in either the options page or you can manually edit the header.

  • Comment by Brenne Meirowtiz
    Brenne Meirowtiz

    Hi Kevin or anyone else out there! I am unable to edit the 468 header banner or the social icons. Does it have anything to do with that the ie.css page is empty? Also, tried going to your plug-ins page, but got a 404.

    I am anxiously awaiting your assistance.

  • Comment by Brenne Meirowtiz
    Brenne Meirowtiz

    Hi there! Can anyone tell me how to insert the banner ads on this theme?