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YouTube is being utilized more and more by everyone from celebrities to bloggers to social media enthusiasts. It’s regularly integrated into marketing plans for companies developing their web-marketing plans, and can be utilized as a powerful community-building tool, as well as a great way to enhance blog content.

WordPress is usually pretty good about displaying YouTube videos properly, but there are some themes who butt heads with YouTube embedding, which makes adding a simple plugin a necessity.

Whether its purpose is to display videos properly, or to optimize your blog and add enhancing features to your content, these plugins offer high functionality when integrating YouTube into your WordPress blog.

Smart YouTube

Smart YouTube is all about optimization. It allows you to display full, embedded YouTube videos into your RSS feed where there might otherwise be a blank space, causing confusion and frustration for your subscribers. In addition to that important function, it also optimizes your embedded YouTube videos for iPod/iPhone, and adding mobile capability is crucial in the ever-developing world of mobile technology. You can also embed playlists, HD videos and deep link (which allows you to start the video from a specified point, instead of instructing your readers to start at 1:03, or something similar).

YouTube Brackets

Never underestimate the power of a basic plugin. YouTube Brackets does exactly what you think it does – it allows you to place a YouTube URL in brackets, which automatically displays the embedded video on publish. This saves time and frustration surrounding the sometimes fickle HTML embed codes that YouTube offers.

WP YouTube

This plugin takes things just a step further than YouTube brackets by allowing you to only acquire the video id (i.e. Z5ErKq4o4sQ) and place it between brackets. Additionally, WP YouTube gives you the option to set a color for the video box that will remain consistent throughout your posts, designate auto-play, size, and whether or not to include related videos.


This is so much more than just a YouTube plugin – this is for the serious YouTube blogger or aggregation website developer. TubePress develops galleries of YouTube videos based on criteria that you specify – be it the top rated videos, the favorites of a specific user or users, search terms, most-viewed videos, mobile-ready videos, most discussed, etc… The options are endless. On top of that, TubePress lets you designate how your videos are played. You can use the default YouTube player, or JW FLV Media Player and control the size and color of the video embed, as well. There are filters available to make sure that your content remains safe for work (or not), and remains open source for full customizing capabilities. Considering all of these features come free with the basic form of the plugin, it’s worth mentioning that the “pro” version (only $10) offers AJAX-based pagination, use of the galleries as a PHP library, and more options for video players.

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  • Comment by Gloria

    Bueno, la verdad es que casi nunca entraba a tu blog,
    sin embargo en lo sucesivo te diria que lo leeré regularmente.


  • Comment by Banjo

    @Adam Garcia: I suggest to customize TubePress! I did some custom fixes with code and works rlly nice ;)

  • Comment by ranjeet

    Thanks man i really like your post and i am using the TubePress plugins thanks

  • Comment by 7ajidude Bog
    7ajidude Bog

    Thanks for the info, i found it useful and I used the Smart Video Plugin, I used to use wp Youtubelite but it somehow messed up some the CSS. Now with Smart Youtube its a smooth transition.

  • Comment by Adam Garcia
    Adam Garcia

    This is a great list! However does anyone know of a youtube plugin that will allow other videos into your wordpress site based on the keywords your site hasor that you input? I am asking because I have a site that I do not post to very often due to my work constraints. I need a plugin that will pull this type of niche videos.

  • Comment by Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson

    I like Smart YouTube.

  • Comment by Dheeraj

    I think Smart YouTube is the best plugin.

  • Comment by Chris

    Thanks for the article, will definately be using TubePress on our sites I think!

  • Comment by Vivek Parmar
    Vivek Parmar

    Installing another plugin for uploading video that sounds annoying. its better to add code in html editor

  • Comment by fotoshooter

    Thanks for sharing! Good list!

  • Comment by Ronny

    I need a plugin that shows related vidoes automatically on my single page. Looks to me right now the closest is the (pro?) Tubepress, I’ll give it a go, if it works 10 bucks is money well spent

  • Comment by Shovan

    Is there any plugin that lets us customize youtube player like logo etc?

  • Comment by Media Chandler
    Media Chandler

    I am looking to show the video on my homepage right in the middle.. I do not wanna add the code to the page since it seems to break easily (A client will be updating the page).. What would be the best solution for doing this?

  • Comment by mustang bullitt
    mustang bullitt

    Hello. I read a few of your other blogposts and i need to to say thank you for the useful blogposts.

  • Comment by dane

    Out of the 4 which is the one you best recommend..because i seem to be in a dilemma on which one is the best

  • Comment by Fiona

    Thanks for this list! Smart Youtube stopped working on one of my sites. I replaced it with WP YouTube Lyte and that solved the problem. I didn’t even have to change any of my YouTube links from the httpv: version I’d used in Smart Youtube.

  • Comment by Great

    Nice post. Are you kowing some website where is possbile to download youtube clips?

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    Nice list, I was searching for wordpress plugins then I found your site…extremely useful..thanks for sharing it :)

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    THX for article