What’s Your WordPress Resolution For 2013? (Poll)

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If your particular nook of the globe hasn’t yet reached the 2013 New Year, you only have a few more hours to wait until the new calendar year has arrived. Worldwide, WordPress users are getting their ducks in a row and planning how they will make this coming year the most successful 12 months yet, and we thought it would be fun to get input from our readers on what they’re most looking forward to from January through December.

Our friends at ThemeForest.net have been busy throughout the holiday season; taking care of their in-house Envato “Most Wanted” promotions and organizing template entries for VirtueCart, Facebook platforms and more as they award cash to winning entries. We took a quick glimpse at the ThemeForest forums today and found an interesting thread authored by well-known developer designmonstr who invited co-posters to publish their resolutions for the upcoming year.

ThemeForest 2013 Goals Thread

“I don’t see any END OF WORLD signs,” he wrote. “Have you set any personal goals, milestones, or planned to reforming any of your bad habits, or planning to make a big difference on TF or influence big time ENVATO community?” The WordPress theme author went on to list his 2013 goals, which included being a better family man and designer, buying a new car, launching at least 3 items on the ThemeForest marketplace by the 5th day of each month, becoming the site’s top seller, performing the world’s highest skydive and becoming a millionaire. If you would like to see how other authors responded, you can check out the full thread here.

Another ThemeForest template developer who goes by the name tvdathemes said he would like to finish making repairs in his own apartment, become an elite author on TF, sell his old vehicle and buy a new one, improve his English, develop New Business and streamline his current team.

WPScientist went one step further and retroactively brought in the goals (both professional and personal) he had set for 2012 and compared them to actual results. He ultimately fell short of his goal to release 20 themes, but did manage to open 4 products to the public in 2012 with 850 total sales. He had also set a goal for himself to “find a decent girl for a change;” but also appears to have fallen short. He reminisced near the end of his post that he “did find some indecent ones.”

Big Year For WordPress

Aside from the Version 3.5 “Elvin” launch, 2012 was a big year for WordPress. Co-Founder and Automattic company head Matt Mullenweg was listed among Forbes 30 Most Influential People Under 30 in the media department (Matt was 28 years old at the time the article was written).

The WordPress platform has also seen a skyrocketing sales effect when it comes to premium WordPress themes and plugins. The market has literally taken off with several small to medium-sized firms vying for a substantial slice of the premium product pie. Here at WPHub, we actively promote more than 20 of those template companies; each of which has their own set of strengths and unique advantages to offer its customers.

Depending on which source you reference, WordPress is now employed on anywhere between 15% to 25% of all websites in the world with further growth expected. This makes for a competitive atmosphere for 2013 that will undoubtedly benefit the end consumer.

This Week’s Poll

This week, we would like to know your WordPress resolution for 2013. Would you like to see your site(s) grow its traffic mostly, or perhaps improve its design? How about increasing your site’s security or opening up new WordPress domains? Do you see yourself providing better customer support to your readers/clients/customers as the most important resolution?

Please take a moment to fill out the poll below. You can choose multiple answers.

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  • Comment by WPStuffs

    Well my main focus in this year is getting more EMail subscribers and blogging consistently.Though currently I dont have any plans for new WordPress installations later this year it may be possible.