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In the past year, I’ve had the privilege of becoming a part of the WordPress community, and acting as a liaison in various capacities to theme companies located around the globe. Each company has its own identity, and many specialize in niche markets while others prefer to offer a general blend of products to serve growing customer demand.

In this article, we will take a quick look at some of the most popular websites that sell themes, plugins and tools that assist webmasters in making their front end platforms as attractive as possible. There is a poll at the end of this writeup that we encourage you to participate in so we can accurately gauge how our readers perceive the enterprises mentioned.


The administration at WooThemes has done an excellent job over the years in creating what many believe is the world’s “go to” company for e-Commerce products, especially after its recent revamp and move to the WooCommerce management system.


The ninjas at Woo have truly come up with a way to make mass online marketing of retail merchandise a cinch from both the back-end and front-end perspectives. Without ever touching a line of code, you can use the Woo Framework to manipulate item “on sale” ribbons and organize products like a pro. The seamless online shopping experience for customers begins with PayPal integration and ends with a fully functional Shopping Cart that allow for one-click purchases.


The world’s largest WordPress theme marketplace, ThemeForest, has made a name for itself by allowing authors to create their own products and put them up for sale for the masses. The result has been a thriving independent market that encourages top-notch premium products.

Envato Tumblr Theme Bounty Contest

Tack on the Envato’s Most Wanted series (a contest in which the ThemeForest parent companies doles out cash prizes to programmers who submit quality, on-demand material) and you have a winning formula plus an active in-house community. The U-Design premium WordPress theme has more than 21,000 all on its own, which translates into more than $1 million in total sales.

Elegant Themes

It’s impossible to write an article on today’s most popular WordPress theme companies without listing Elegant Themes as an elite forerunner. The company’s founder Nick Roach has come up with a yearly subscription scheme that grants all-inclusive access to a slew of “elegant” premium downloads, ranging from flexible, responsive themes to full fledged portfolio platforms.

Elegant Themes

Quickly approaching 150,000 customers, Elegant Themes has more than six dozen themes that were all designed by the young entrepreneur who makes it a point to create back-end controls that can be handled by anyone; even those with zero WordPress experience. The firm’s latest release, Origin, boasts a unique homepage layout that tells a story through its imagery.


The folks at ColorLabs have several unique niche themes in their portfolio that make planning for weddings, selling real estate and creating your own online affiliate marketing business a breeze. By using the Backbone framework, this company achieves a huge amount of functionality while being able to give its customers access to several, well-rounded child themes.

More Theme Companies

When it comes down to it, there is not a “dominant” theme company, as many subscribers prefer to mix their subscriptions and divvy them up among several firms in order to gain access to a multitude of themes with unique styles.

What is your favorite theme company? Have one of the companies we’ve written about in this article convinced you that it is hands above all the rest? Or is there another firm that provides you with just the right amount of quality products at the best price? Let us know what you think by taking a few seconds to vote in the poll shown below.

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  • Comment by David Huber
    David Huber

    Hi Shawn, thanks for the suggestion! I’ve updated this poll to allow more than one answer.

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  • Comment by Shawn

    Rather than a one-click deal, consider, in the future, allowing people to select their top X theme companies. Although I subscribe to Elegant Themes, I also use several other theme companies and would like to give them a nod, too.