What Is Your Favorite Article Type? (Poll)

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The old cliche that “Content is King” still rings true with many WordPress websites that continuously look for a well-balanced frontend product that delivers an attractive means for showcasing a wide variety of posts. In our latest poll-style article here at WPHub.com, we would like to ask our loyal readers to provide insight on what they feel are the “best” article types to publish.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re a fan of publishing interactive polls occasionally because they offer readers an opportunity to provide feedback in a non-intimidating way while giving us a chance to sit back and evaluate the true tendencies of those who use WordPress websites in their daily lives. Thanks to a countless amount of WordPress extensions that have made their way into the marketplace in recent years, polls can be generated on just about any subject matter; with tracking capabilities and long-term storage made possible by services such as PollDaddy.

Readers who leave comments on polls are especially valuable because they can give your website an even higher “interactive” feel; not to mention the fact that WordPress users traditionally are extremely informed on the day-to-day operations of blogs and business sites that incorporate many of the aspects that are discussed in poll-type articles.

Since poll-style article generally feature opinions, we make a point to include these under the WordPress Views category upon publication.

News Stories

If there is a broad amount of interest on any topic, then there is room for news. News articles are an important part of just about all magazine websites and can even be included in the main feed depending on the specific layout of your WordPress site.

News stories can go into detail about a recent product release, and even make the most out of a popular quote made by a well-known representative of the industry. There’s virtually no limit on the amount of exposure your website can receive once it has been established as a news source – especially if you’re registered under Google News and can get additional worldwide traffic off of GN keyword searches.

The particular “flavor” that is necessary when publishing news stories has evolved considerably when compared to the old newspaper style that tended to be rather cut-and-dried. News stories in today’s environment place a heavy emphasis on overall entertainment and in many cases attempt to peak readers’ interest by offering as many opinions as possible. This is completely fine as long as the opinions are laid out fairly and showcased in a news-like manner.


Personally, I love tutorials. They bring a whole new meaning to the term “human resource” and could potentially provide the largest amount of value to readers through free instruction. All the visitor has to do is take the time to research his/her topic of interest, and there will likely be a number of articles across many websites that can do everything from outlining code manipulation to displaying the best method of mass traffic generation; especially when it comes to WordPress.

As long as the author in question has a workable knowledge of the subject matter, step-by-step instruction can go a long way toward building website loyalty and encouraging others to actively participate in any industry.

Interview Articles

When it comes to interviews, the hard work is usually performed off-site between a writer and his/her guest. Now that we’ve come to depend on e-mail communication as if it were a telephone line, Q&A sessions can be arranged beforehand to ensure the individual or company is given ample time to organize thoughts and lay them out for the eventual front-end readers who will benefit from the content.

Interviews can be hard to come by during certain time periods and are dependent on a guest’s schedule, but they are highly valuable when blended in properly with other article types.

What Is Your Favorite Article Type?

This week’s poll is shown below. Please take the time to let us know what your favorite article type is by voting. We will post a follow-up article next week with the results.

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  • Comment by David Huber
    David Huber

    Hi Luis. I’ve added “Reviews” as an option to the poll. Thank you for your feedback!


  • Comment by Luis Alejandre
    Luis Alejandre

    Hi Michael,
    I think you overlooked an important type of article: Reviews.
    They don´t necessarily fit into tutorials (although sometimes they do) or into any other of the types you´ve considered.