A Look Into The Xtreme One WordPress Framework

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Last week I previewed a new premium framework from the makers of WP Engineer called Xtreme One.

The default design for Xtreme is, much like any other framework, very minimal. As I showed last week, Alex and the Xtreme One team have developed three premium themes for users to highlight what can be achieved with the framework. Therefore today I would like to place more emphasis on the backend and walk you through every option to show you how customisable the framework is. The framework is broken up into two different areas in the admin area: a main configuration page and a layouts page.

Xtreme Configuration Center

In total there are 10 different sections within the configuration center (i.e. the main options page). It is very unlikely that you will have to do a lot of template edits when using Xtreme One as the framework lets you control most things from the options page.

Xtreme One Framework

Below is a brief summary of each section and what it lets you do:

  • General WordPress Settings – Allows you to remove of things including the meta description, document title, feed links and much more.
  • General Settings – Allows you to change the layout from fluid to fixed and set the minimum and maximum width of the design. You can also change from a blog layout to a full page layout.
  • Default Layout Settings – Where you set the umber of sidebars for your design. You can choose from 1, 2 or 3 columns. You can also set where the sidebars are positioned, whether text is aligned to the left or right, and whether areas like the header and footer are included in the design.
  • Navigation/Search Settings – Gives you a lot of control over menus such as where the main and sub navigation menus are, the stylesheet they use, and the depth of the menus. You can set whether the search box appears in the primary menu or the secondary menu.
  • Header Settings – A small section which lets you add a second header area.
  • Teaser Settings – The teaser area is placed between the header and the main content area. Xtreme One lets you add widgets to this section and gives you the option of displaying your teaser in one or dividing it up into 2, 3, 4 or 5 columns. Useful for placing ads or featured post images below the header.
  • Footer Settings – The footer section is very similar to the teaser section. It also allows you to expand your footer widget the width of the page or split the area into 2, 3, 4 or 5 columns. A useful option.
  • Siteinfo Settings – Allows you to add site information to your site such as copyright message and start year.
  • Comment and Comment Form Settings – Lets you customise the way your comments are structured. Gravatars can be resized and aligned to the side you want in this section. You can change the way comments are displayed from linear to columns and change the comment header from ‘Leave a Reply’ to something else. My favourite option is the ability to add a note above the comment area, a useful feature for anyone who wants to add a commenting or anti-spam policy to their site.
  • Print Stylesheet Settings – Allows you to customise the print settings.

I find it difficult to compare one framework options page to the next fairly. Some people find too many options overkill and are overwhelmed at the prospect of modifying hundreds of options before they even write their first blog post. Whereas others don’t want to edit their templates manually so welcome any framework which makes simple tasks even easier.

Xtreme One is probably placed somewhere in the middle. It has lots of options and is easy for beginners to modify their site the way they want it, though it does lack many features which other frameworks provide such as Search Engine Optimisation (though this might suit many you).

Xtreme Layouts

The layout section makes it easy to switch between different layouts you have created. For example, you switch from a 1 column layout to a 3 column structure with 2 left sidebars. This would be useful for anyone who wanted to try a new design without risking losing their old one.

Xtreme One Framework

The layout page is used to define how your page will be structured. Whether it has 0, 1 or 2 sidebars, what width those sidebars are, and how text aligned in the sidebars and in the main content area. The header, teaser, footer and siteinfo containers can be switched off from here too.

Another useful option in this section is what page templates to add to the layout. You can set whether the layout has a 404 page, author page, archives page or index page at the touch of a button. It’s very easy to use.


I was very impressed with Xtreme One. It has a beautiful minimal design which is easy to customise so I believe it will be very useful for creating blogs and content websites alike.

There have been some good free frameworks released over the last few months so many may be put off with the $79.95 it costs to purchase Xtreme One. However, for a premium framework it’s slightly cheaper than it’s competition, plus the addition of 3 high quality premium themes for only $19.95 each makes Xtreme One a very good option (premium framework designs tend to cost $50+). Alex has promised that many more premium themes will be released.

It’s one to look more into if you are looking for an easy to use premium framework. The final word has to go to Xtreme developer Alex, who was happy to respond to some points I made to him in email giving him my initial impressions.

We don’t have many big features in our framework on purpose, which actually don’t have anything to do with a theme. We don’t want to replace Plugins, because it’s the best to use Plugins just for a specific purpose, because their developer are experts in their field, for example SEO Plugins.

Also we don’t want to add every feature to keep our framework lean and clean. There are so many Plugins for special features out there, and we don’t know which feature the want or not. Another thing, we don’t want to save data, because of a special feature, which gets lost when you change your theme later. Instead of some other Premium Themes or Frameworks, our Framework doesn’t force you to keep using it, otherwise you lose some of your data.

If you have any questions about the framework please leave a comment :)

Good luck,

Link: Xtreme One Framework