Ximenia By RocketTheme Focuses On Business Websites

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The February 2013 premium WordPress template release for RocketTheme was unveiled recently. Named Ximenia, the new product focuses its design on business websites, and can be now be downloaded and installed on any WordPress site.

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According to the corresponding RocketTheme.com blog post, Ximenia is “an elegant, subtle and conservative design, with soft tones and shapes to bring focus to your content. The theme is perfect for any corporate-type site that prefers a more moderate, but still visually luring appearance. An assortment of core RocketTheme Extensions, such as RokSprocket and its multiple layout modes, have template based styling to apply integrated visuals for the additional functionality offered.”

Ximenia WordPress Theme

The Ximenia WordPress theme for businesses is designed to be easy on the eyes of first time visitors through its soft color palettes. There is a traditional logo section programmed into the top-left slot followed by a navigational bar with drop down menus for sub-categories. However, the main attraction of the Ximenia homepage is without a doubt its Featured Content Slider, which spans the entire width of the page.

Ximenia Content Slider

A “computer monitor” graphic on the right-hand side of the module is where your featured images will be placed. The background color can be programmed to appear in one of eight pre-set designs, while the left-hand side provides ample room for a post title and extended description. The customary arrow-shaped icons can be found on either side of the slider; allowing front-end users to easily manipulate what is being viewed.

Responsive Layout

Ximenia Responsive Design

A responsive layout is key for almost any premium WordPress theme released in 2013, and Ximenia boasts the ability to automatically adjust to the small screen sizes associated with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry and Android devices. There are three layout variations in all: responsive, 960px Fixed and 1200px Fixed.

As one would expect, Ximenia is compatible with the Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari web browsers, plus it utilized the Gantry framework to make content and design manipulation an easy task to perform from the back-end.

The Options Panel for the new Ximenia WordPress theme may be a little different from what some have become accustomed to if you are trying out a RocketTheme for the first time, but the controls are simplified nonetheless, and shouldn’t present any problems to inexperienced webmasters after a short learning curve. Best of all, no code manipulation is required in order to make Ximenia function properly – everything is ready to go as soon as it is downloaded.

Ximenia Options Panel

82 Widget Slots

If you’re a website owner or designer who thrives on inserting multiple widgets within the sidebar, homepage and footer regions, then you’ll be happy to learn that Ximenia comes with a total of 82 widget slots. These can be used to place your social media feeds, Twitter updates, recent posts, archives, text, additional info, contact data, photo galleries and more.

It is highly recommended that those using this theme also download and install the RokSprocket plugin to achieve full functionality.

Ximenia Homepage B

There is plenty of room on the homepage to insert business blurbs which can be hyper-linked to take potential and future clients to specific pages to learn more about the services you offer and how to get in touch.

RocketTheme Entitlements

The RocketTheme subscription options vary from most premium theme companies. “Entitlements” are used to decipher packages, with a 60-day membership available for the cost of $50. Each installed application that you run on your WordPress site requires one entitlement. A 180-day subscription is available for $75 (two entitlements) while a full year membership will cost $90 with three entitlements.

There is also a Developer’s License that comes with unlimited access for 365 days. The cost of this plan is $300.

More information can be obtained by visiting the Ximenia Theme Info Page or by viewing the Ximenia Live Demo.