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If you haven’t already noticed, there has been a major change at WPHub.com. We’ve added over 1,000 articles such as WordPress theme reviews, tutorials, news, tips, and tricks that were originally posted on WPMods.com. Combining the quality content of WPMods with the massive WordPress theme resource library of WPHub was a natural fit. We are excited that WPHub is now loaded with tons of great content, which should enhance your experience and give you a brand new perspective on the world of WordPress.

In an interview with WPForce earlier this year, WPMods founder Kevin Muldoon explained that content was king on his site: “I made a conscious effort to try and balance the content so that all WordPress topics were covered.” The result was 1,000 unique, informative articles that have made their way over to WPHub.

At the top of any article that was moved over from WPMods, you’ll notice text that says, “This content was originally posted on WPMods”. This is to let you know the origins of the article as to avoid any confusion as you may recognize some articles if you are active in the WordPress community. WPMods was founded back in 2010 and has pumped out a wide variety of content including WordPress theme reviews, breaking news, views, tutorials, and resources. Now, these are all at your fingertips here on WPHub.

To say we’re excited would be an understatement. In fact, this has been in the works for several weeks now. What we’re most excited about is instead of having the content spread across two different sites, it’s all merged together in one central website to create what we feel is the absolute best WordPress resource in the world. And, as we told you before, content from WPMods is flagged so you know an article or review was originally on that site.

The imported content adds a whole new dynamic to WPHub, which up until this point has primarily been known for being a theme directory. WPMods, on the other hand, was packed full of content.

As Muldoon said in the same interview, “Throughout the life of WPMods, I published an article every day ā€“ not one day was missed.” Now, the insightful and abundant content originally published on WPMods sits alongside informative theme reviews on WPHub ā€“ it’s a match made in WordPress heaven. You’ll notice a better layout and a better overall product.

For those who are new to WPHub and coming over from WPMods, welcome to our community! We’ve reviewed nearly 650 WordPress themes to date here at WPHub and have a rich search tool to help you find the perfect theme for your website. Categories of themes you’ll find on WPHub and can filter by include: business, church, education, magazine, news, mobile, multimedia, personal blog, portfolio, photography, real estate, restaurant, retail, and e-commerce. No matter what type of WordPress template you’re looking for, we probably have it.

Plus, if you want to learn more about WordPress plug-ins, tutorials, hosting, and services, you can find full directories for each. We have theme reviews from some of the top companies out there, including Elegant Themes, Studio Press, Theme Forest, and Woo Themes.

If you have any old WPMods bookmarks or come across a page on that site while Googling, you’ll be forwarded to the corresponding page on WPHub. So, make sure to update any bookmarks you have, but rest assured that all of the content you’ve enjoyed on WPMods still exists; it’s just now on WPHub.

What is Muldoon doing, by the way? He’s starting new websites, so don’t think he’s falling off the map anytime soon. He explained in that same interview, “Iā€™m launching a few martial arts related websites and was really encouraged by the start they made without investment and realized that I needed more money and time to develop them.” He’ll also be staying on with WPHub and fully supports the recent migration. Welcome aboard, Kevin!

Updating the WPMods and WPHub databases has been a major undertaking. Although we’ve planned and tested as much as we possibly could, if you find any bugs or any broken links, please get in touch with us by clicking “Contact Us” on the bottom of the screen. Then, fill out your name, e-mail address, and hiccup and we’ll look into it. Thanks in advance for any feedback you have.

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  • Comment by andrea

    We are wanting to know where in the world of web do YOU suggest people start in terms of upgrading a boring website or purging it and creating a new one…. it’s about dance and life….quick, fast and a hurry is essential.

  • Comment by Michael Jackness
    Michael Jackness

    Thanks a lot Kevin.

  • Comment by Michael Jackness
    Michael Jackness

    Thanks Josh

  • Comment by John Bash
    John Bash

    Congratulations on migrating things successfully. Its really perfect now and expecting good content as usual :)

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Congratulations on the migration Mike. It’s the perfect match.

    I have no doubt the migration would have been very time consuming. I’ve imported a few posts from one site to another but to live two large blogs together must have been a real headache. It’s all done now though so onwards and upwards.

    I’m looking forward to contributing some great articles here. I’ll have a look around the site and email you if I find anything that has gone missing or whatever.

    Congrats again on the move :)