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WPMail.me is a free weekly WordPress newsletter that delivers a round up of the latest WordPress news and articles. The newsletter is divided into 5 sections: News & Articles, Theme News, Theme Releases, Plugin News & Tutorials.

It was launched earlier this year by Cozmoslabs owner Cristian Antohe. He has kindly took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions about the newsletter for WP Mods readers. I hope you enjoy the interview :)

Firstly, can you tell WP Mods readers a little about yourself and your experience with WordPress.

I like to think of myself as a Web Designer. Started working with WordPress more then 3 years ago while searching for a CMS solution for our clients. Joomla didn’t really work out well so WordPress it was. Since then we’re done all sort of crazy things with WordPress over at Reflection Media. Also the first real project I’ve done with WordPress was Cozmoslabs.com where we blog about our experiences as web-developers.

WPMail.me was launched earlier this year. What were you reasons for launching a weekly WordPress related newsletter?

I didn’t have a specific goal at the time. A geek friend of mine organized a meeting where each participant had present with something done within a week. It didn’t matter how complex or ugly it was, just to ship something and make it live. I created a simple HTML page with just a subscribe form, wrote a blog post and tweeted about it. In the first week I had something like 30 subscribers ïÅ  Also the initial idea came from JavaScriptWeekly.

WPMail.me Newsletter

What sort of feedback have you received from WPMail.me subscribers?

A lot of good solid feedback. Mostly people write to tell me I do a good job which is a real mood booster. I even got feedback on my spelling, which is rather fortunate since English isn’t my native language and I’m always looking to improve.

What factors do you take when choosing which articles are included in the newsletter?

It’s a rather subjective process and that’s how I want to keep it. I feel that so many things have been automated these days that a little bit of human intervention is what the web needs. With so much information out there, human curation will become more and more important.

Last but not least, in one sentence can you explain why readers should sign up for the WPMail.me newsletter

It’s THE easiest way to stay up to date with WordPress!

Thanks to Cristian Antohe for taking part in this interview. Please visit WPMail.me for more details on how you can subscribe to their weekly round up newsletter.

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  • Comment by Shiva @ Blogging Tips
    Shiva @ Blogging Tips

    Quite a nice interview. I recently came to know about WPMail me from your thread in the forum and I subscribed as soon as I read about it. I actually tweeted to Cristian directing him to one of my recent blog post related to WordPress and he actually did include that in the recent edition of the Wpmail newsletter, that was quite a kind gesture from him since I really was a total stranger to him. He seems to be a pretty generous person and quite knowledgeable too. I wish him best of luck for his ventures and will be looking forward to reading Wpmail each week on Thursdays on my inbox. :)