WPHub Rolls Out New Theme Previews, Searching Capabilities

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In recent days, you may have noticed a new, robust filter system for WordPress themes here on WPHub. With over 620 WordPress themes already reviewed and even more on the way, searching through them was becoming a little bit cumbersome. Enter our latest site update, which made the process of finding the perfect WordPress theme considerably simpler and much more user-friendly.

On our main “Themes” page, you’ll find a variety of filters along the left-hand side, including “Category,” “Color Palette,” “Company,” “Features,” “Layout,” “Price,” and “Width.” You can click on an option under any of these categories and the page will refresh, narrowing your search based on the criteria you selected.

Say you want to look at “Church” themes with a “Black” color palette. This will literally take you two clicks. First, click on “Church” under “Category” to find all of the “Church” themes we have. Then, click on “Black” under “Color Palette” to see the themes that match your criteria. In this case, we found two that foot the bill: “Grace” and “Saving Grace.”

If you want to remove the filters you’ve selected, just click on “Remove All Filters.” You can also uncheck a specific filter. The whole process is considerably easier than it was and we’re very proud to offer our users such a robust search method.

When you find a theme you like, you’ll notice that we’ve completely changed the aspect ratio of the preview images. All of the images are taller and wider, which will give you a much better grasp on what the theme will actually look like if it’s used on your site.

For each theme review, you can now check out four preview images, all of which use the new aspect ratio. Use the left and right arrows adjacent to the preview image to toggle among all four. This was no easy task for our team, by the way. In order to change the aspect ratio and enhance each theme review, we had to create over 3,000 new images, a process that took several months.

What’s our motivation to make the process of searching for themes even easier and to make the individual theme reviews more informative? Why would we spend several months doing so? Since the aspect ratio is dramatically different, you can now quickly figure out what a WordPress theme will look like in action. This allows you to make a more informed decision faster.

Other sites that review WordPress themes will show you a single thumbnail of a theme and won’t allow you to filter very easily. They certainly won’t have multiple shots of every WordPress theme they’ve reviewed in an interface that’s as easy to use as the one you’ll find on our site.

When you click on a theme’s review, you’ll now get a feel for how its features will look. Overall, our redesign will keep you browsing our site longer and allow you to see multiple angles of a single theme. Plus, you’ll be able to see much more of a theme’s content than ever before. To sum our mission up in one sentence, we want to deliver a product that helps you, the WPHub user, find your perfect theme easily.

The changes we’ve made have received a warm welcome from WPHub readers. Our average time per user spent on the site has increased by 10% since we launched the redesign one week ago. Our bounce rate, which measures how quickly visitors to our site look at one page and then leave, has decreased, meaning WPHub users are staying longer and actively hunting for their perfect theme.

We’re always taking suggestions on how to improve your experience at WPHub. If you have any ideas you’d like to see implemented, click the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of our site and let us know.